Professionally Nice Looking Website Design – Your Key to Online Success

Increasing numbers of people are beginning to market their business on the internet. It has been a competitive market for any product you can imagine. Different kinds of businesses offering various items and services are now available online. The internet has been the most powerful channel to market a business including its products and services. Building a website is the starting point of any business who wants to market products and services online. A website is the most powerful tool to sell over the internet.

For a neophyte, the worst mistake that can ever be committed is to invest too much just to create a website without realizing that there are a number of website design companies who are offering website design service at reasonable rate. A perfect example is a website template which can be acquired for free. It will help someone creating a website put each website component together. Nevertheless, the quality of website and its components are all that matters in creating a website. Websites vary in size and lay outs. Size pertains to the capacity of the website to take volume of traffic. Depending on the bandwidth, especially for websites who leased from a big server, the capacity may limit the number of website visitors.

A good description of a professionally nice looking website involves two things. The primary thing is the design and layout. Most internet users use search engines to look for something or to find a website. Using a search engine makes it easy for a user to simply type in keywords. For instance, if you want to buy organic foods, all you need to do is to type “find organic foods” and the search engine will list several websites that is relevant to your search. With this process, having a nice looking website design is crucial. Your goal is to attract visitors. Your landing page or the first page that comes up when your site is searched should be the most beautiful page of your site. The lay out should be in style and relevant to your business. Thus, the contents or the teasers should be compelling enough to tell the visitor to read more. Invest enough effort and time to create a nice yet compelling landing page. This is your doorway to your business.

The secondary component a good website should have it cutting edge technology tools. If for instance, you are selling a service or a product; your visitor will appreciate if you have a shopping cart that will itemize their selected products. This will make it easy for your visitor to place an order. In addition to a shopping cart, an authenticator may also be necessary if you want your visitors to place an order. It will validate credit card in a secured transaction. Most online payment system has been designed to be easily embedded to a website. You may want to take advantage of that feature. It is a third party “cashier” which has established integrity in the online business. When a prospect sees that you have this feature, they get the feeling of security that nobody would take their credit card information. Another great feature that internet users look for is a site map. As it implies, it serves as your website’s map to help your visitors to find certain locations within your website. An easy to navigate website makes a visitor a potential buyer and a return visitor.

These are just some of the features a professionally nice looking website should have in order to become successful in the online business.

Understanding the Purpose of Foot Rails

Foot rails are very common today in bars. They’re used in the home or in commercial bars. They are fixtures that make your feet comfortable and they can make any bar look classy.

Apart from its aesthetic sense, foot rails have a purpose. By its name alone, it’s meant to provide comfort to the feet whether a person is standing or seated on a chair. It can be quite tiring to just stand with both feet on the ground but with a foot rail in place, you can stand with the other feet elevated for added comfort.

Foot rails can also be added to trucks. To succeed in the installation process, you have to get the proper measurement and read the instructions well. Holes will also have to be drilled on the truck’s body or chassis to attach the rails using screws. The purpose of foot rails in trucks is to serve as resting place for the feet. It also makes for a unique look.

It’s amazing how the plain tubing has been made into a more functional fixture. Without this material, the bar could have remained simple and a drab. The fact is, foot rails are available today in different materials which means you can match it with the theme of your interior space.

Wood is a popular and classic choice but other materials have evolved to provide people with more choices. There’s the metal foot rail that has become a preferred option these days. It can be made from stainless steel, aluminum or brass. The brass rail evokes an elegant look because of its yellow finish that resembles the color of gold. Finishes vary as well such as the polished copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel, satin stainless steel, satin nickel and powder coated colors.

Foot rails need not be a straight line all the time. With so many companies manufacturing this fixture nowadays, customization is the current trend. There are those that can expertly bend and miter foot rail tubings to fit any bar measurement especially those that have corners. Foot rails can also be ordered in specific lengths for people who want to install the fixture on their own.

Other components are required to complete any foot rail project. These are the end caps, flush fittings, flanges and the post and floor brackets.

The end caps complete the look of your foot rails. They can be flat, round or decorative depending on your preference. This component is easy to install you just need to slip it on the end of the tubing. But you can use a strong glue to keep it secured.

Foot rail brackets come in different types as well. The combination type is one which can be mounted to the floor and to the bar itself. These are secured using the screws. For one foot rail, you will need several brackets which should be placed at a distance of six inches from the end of the tubing or at least three brackets for an eight-foot rail.

Preparation is key to installing a great foot rail. This ensures that the measurements and your materials are correct.

Family Life in the 18th Century

Marriage, children, economic circumstances and social status were closely linked during the 1700s. The majority of families were what the famed English author Daniel Defoe termed “the middling class” or the middle class, a status of family that was non-existent before the 18th century. During the 1600s people were either wealthy and privileged or utterly poor and there was no in-between whatsoever. The rise of the middle class began during the 18th century and its impact upon family was enormous.

Women and men of the upper classes did not marry for love. Instead, they married strictly for financial and social reasons. Women who wished to continue living within a wealthy household simply did not marry a man of the middle or lower class. A self-respecting gentleman didn’t even consider marrying a woman from a poor family. It was unlikely she would possess the social graces and dowry required to marry into such a society. Moreover, rumors would abound as to why a wealthy young man would wed a girl of such poor means. Perhaps he had gotten her “in the family way” and was inclined to do right by her? Such humiliation could never be visited upon his family.

The middle class on the other hand could marry whomever they liked. It wasn’t sensible for a middle-class women to marry a poor man since her children would be raised in poverty, yet if her happiness depended upon it, her family was unlikely to intervene. There was no need to marry for social status or wealth since the middle class did not possess either.

Yet the concept of the middle class was still one of privilege. Up until the 18th century childhood, like the middle class, did not exist. The lower class worked hard to eke out a living and their children were expected to work alongside them. School was a privilege that only the upper class could afford. And well into the 18th century childhood still did not exist for the lower class.

The Industrial Revolution set into motion incredible changes in 1700s society. The vast majority of people who worked inside of the new factories producing items such as farm equipment, clothing and toys were of the lower class. Not surprisingly, lower class children also worked inside of these factories earning far less than their parents’ meager wage. Children labored as hard as their parents, often carrying heavy loads of materials or sitting at industrial machines for countless hours inside of deplorable factory conditions. Had the term “sweatshop” been coined at that time, then it would indeed have described the factories where these lower class families labored.

The middle and upper classes however did not set foot inside of a factory. Children of the middle class began to attend school for the first time in history. Only famers’ children took time away from school for significant periods in order to assist with the sowing and harvesting of crops during the summer and autumn months.

The dominant household figure was the father. It was he who determined whether or not his wife could work outside the home or whether or not his children were to attend school. He owned all of the family’s property and money. Divorce was exceedingly rare since women who left their husbands had no viable means of survival. Mothers usually remained at home, keeping a hearth and producing several children. Their job was not an easy one. Mothers cleaned the house, made clothing for their families by hand, cooked, minded the children, tended a garden and generally tried to please their husbands. Womens’ social status was well below that of mens’ and they seldom questioned any of their husbands’ decisions.

Yet many upper and middle class families were quite content during the 18th century. The Industrial Revolution generated excitement about new technologies meant to make life easier. Marriages were usually harmonious, children were treated kindly and a belief in God was extremely important. The inherent goodness in people provided a solid backbone for families and produced a law-abiding and civilized society in which families flourished.

Sun and Moon Tattoos – Meanings and Ideas For Tattoo Designs

There is just something about sun and moon tattoos that attract both the male and female tat enthusiasts to have them proudly inked on their body. Must be the meaning itself, or perhaps the vivid colors or maybe the sunny disposition it can exude. Whatever the reason might be, this type of tat theme will definitely continue to be brought to life on human canvasses by talented tattoo artists of any generation.

The sun and moon, even before becoming a regular item seen on body art, have always played a role in imagery. For many cultures around the world, the sun is the epitome of male energy, light and warmth while the moon is the symbol of female mystery and creation. When combined as a design, they are seen as a union of two opposites coming together as one to create harmony and balance. They are representation of the dual sides of humanity that are needed in order to achieve balance and stability.

These two amazing symbols are both symbolic of death and rebirth. The sun has its daily rising and setting while the moon has its monthly waxing and waning. It is the sun’s energy that can warm the earth and causes the crops to ripen while its the moon’s gravity that can influence the waters and control the flow of tides. Indeed, these two elements work together to put everything in balance and perfect harmony.

Sun and moon tattoos can be executed in a whole lot of ways; from bright to vivid colors to full black ink in thick or thin lines. They can be done as the simple sun and moon tattoo or they can be inked in detailed lines and drawings. They can also be combined with other elements such as stars, flowers, tribal lines and zodiac symbols

When it comes to locations of sun and moon tattoos, they can be best tattooed on the nape or back of neck, upper back, chest, arm, feet, lower stomach, hip or lower back. With the great representation that this tattoo design possess, you should not waste such a potential image for artistic tat piece. Find a suitable place to get your tat image and discuss everything with your tattoo artist.

Different Biker Patches

A biker patch or “colour” is usually sewn on a vest made of leather or denim to denote the biker’s group, organization or gang. These sacred patches are worn with honor and may contain secret symbols that say things about the group or the individual wearing it.

There are basically 3 types of biker patches which come in one, two or three pieces. The one-piece patch symbolizes a motorcycle organization such as Harley Owners Group (H.O.G) and Honda Riders Club. Two-piece patches are usually used by riding clubs or may symbolize a motorcycle club awaiting the transition to be a full three-piece outlaw club. The three-piece patches symbolize an outlaw motorcycle gang.

Biker patches basically have three parts; the top rocker, the bottom rocker, and the group or gang emblem in the middle. The two crescent shaped rockers display the name of the club on the top and the place or region of the group on the bottom. Sometimes the word M.C. is placed beside the emblem or rocker to note that it is a Motorcycle Club.

In 1947, the American Motorcycle Association stated that “99% of all of their members are law-abiding citizens and only 1% are Outlaw” following a violent incident in Hollister, California. This gave birth to the One Percenters or Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. These clubs cut their one piece patches into three to distinguish themselves from the rest of the law-abiding groups. A diamond shaped 1% patch may also be worn with the three piece patch. To show that they are the outlawed 1%.

Biker patches may have a hundred meanings and their symbols can stand for anything. Usually, only bona fide members of the group truly know the meaning behind these emblems. Here are some common symbols and their meanings.

1% – as stated by the AMA, these are the unrecognized outlaw motorcycle groups.

13 – this is used to symbolize the letter M which may stand for several meanings including motorcycle, marijuana, methamphetamine, or a secret meaning only known to the members.

It may also mean “12 jurors and a judge” which symbolizes that they can be judged by nobody. We are our own judge and jurors.

9er – symbolizes that the biker has Native American blood since the 9th letter in the alphabet is I.

Ace of spades – this is a symbol for the bringer of death. It means the rider is willing to kill for the group. Or perhaps he has already.

Bad Influence – shows that the biker is a mad man.

DILLIGAF – this is an acronym for “Do I Look like I Give a F***”

FF – forever, forever is used with the group’s title in the beginning and end, as in the Hell’s Angels’ A.F.F.A. and the Sons of Silence’s S.F.F.S.

Flags – may be used to denote the group’s location or origin.

ITCOB. – this is an acronym for “I Took Care of Business”

MC or MCC- this is an acronym for “Motorcycle Cycle Club”

Men of Mayhem – badges or pins given to members who have killed in the name of the group.

Nomad – used on the bottom rocket denoting a person of no particular address. Only a few can truly live to this title.

Skull and Crossbones – the patch stands for “Respect Few, Fear None”. In some cases, the cross bones are replaced by swords.

It may also show that the member has killed someone for the group.

Swastika and Nazi symbols – these does not necessarily mean that the bikers are Nazi, rather, they show that they reject the rules of society.

Wings – these are usually used to show achievements. They may sometimes hold a sexual meaning but these are mostly believed to be jokes.

Red wings shows the biker had oral sex with a menstruating female.

Green wings shows the biker had sexual intercourse with a woman with a sexually transmitted disease.

Yellow wings shows the biker drank a woman’s urine.

Purple wings shows the biker had sexual intercourse with a corps

Patches may also show the position of a biker in the gang. This may include president, vice president, secretary and sergeant-at-arms. For outlaw groups, it can only be worn in the territory and has to be surrendered when the biker leaves the group.

No matter what the meaning, the patches are treated with honor and respect for it is a great privilege to have the right to wear the group’s emblem and call it their own.

Embroidered Baby Clothing

When a good friend has a baby most of us want to offer unique and memorable gifts that will stand out from the clutter of stuffed animals, diaper cakes and blankets. It’s not easy being original these days and often times the price of a unique gift can be way out of your price range. However, there is always a tried and true option for offering truly exceptional gifts and that is to personalize specific items with the baby’s name.

Many different baby gifts can be personalized but none look quite as catchy as embroidered clothing. You can personalize furniture, toys and photo albums but these are more keepsake items and not necessarily for everyday use. But with personalized t-shirts, sweaters, sweat suits and bath robes your baby boy or baby girl will have a special reminder of who they are no matter where they go.

Roll neck sweaters are gaining popularity with infants and toddlers and you can find boy and girl sweaters in terrific colors including classic navy blue and pink. Made from 100% luxuriously soft cotton roll neck sweaters are super comfortable and keep babies warm when the air gets nippy. Best of all roll neck sweaters can be embroidered in a number of ways including monogrammed block, script or funky style lettering to match your little one’s unique personality.

Great for everyday apparel t-shirts never go out of style and you can find comfortable and durable t-shirts made from high quality material blends including cotton, polyester and spandex that make for great baby gifts. Double layer t-shirts can be found in baby boy blue and baby girl pink for classic baby apparel and can be personalized with a baby’s full name, initials or single letter.

If you really want to make an impression on that newborn baby boy or baby girl then consider a fresh looking personalized velour sweat suit that will keep them current with today’s trendy fashions. You can find high quality baby track suits that feature pink, blue or white piping, matching gusset and interior hood lining for added comfort.

Infant velour sweat suits are ideally sized for infants and toddlers between 6-12 months and the cuffs are snug so the sleeves stay baggy to keep up with the latest styles. Keep it simple and plain with a single embroidered letter that looks cool and gives your toddler a sense of his own identity.

Naughty Text Sex – 5 Text Messages That Will Get Your Woman In The Mood And Ready For Sex

Imagine the following scenario:

You come home from a hard day at work and as soon as you open the front door – your woman leaps into your arms, with a HUGE SMILE ON HER FACE.

Her smile then turns to a cheeky grin and she KISSES YOU PASSIONATELY and takes your hand and leads you to the bedroom.

An hour later you both collapse in a sweaty heap, having had AMAZING SEX.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Sadly, the reality for most couples is that they get home from work and collapse on the sofa. Then they watch television, have dinner, shower and go to bed.

Without sex.

What happened? Where did the passion go?

I’ll tell you where – most couples let work and other stresses in life get in the way.

Here is how you can keep the passion with your woman:

5 Text Messages That Will Get Your Woman In The Mood And Ready For Sex

Use these text messages whilst you are at work to keep your woman thinking about you…

1. “I’m thinking about you”

This is a simple, slightly mysterious text message to send to your woman.

She will most probably respond with something like:

“Oh really? What are you thinking?”

From there – make your next message a little sexier…

2. “I’m thinking about how good you’re lips are going to taste when I kiss you tonight”

This will get your woman starting to fantasize about you kissing her.

She might reply with something like THIS:

“I can’t wait darling. Works so boring. Looking forward to being in your arms tonight!”

When your woman sends you a message like that it is your signal that she is getting a little turned on. YOU are definitely on her mind at this point, NOT HER WORK/JOB.

Follow her response up with something a little more naughty, like this:

3. “I’m looking forward to slowly kissing every inch of your body baby”

When you send your woman a message like this – you can reasonably expect her to be getting more than a little turned on and SEXUALLY EXCITED.

The fact that she is feeling like that at work (possibly in a packed office), is even more exciting and NAUGHTY for her.

She may respond with:

“Oh babe, I’m really turned on”

Or, she might say:

“Babe, STOP IT – I can’t take this at work”

Whichever reply she gives you – CARRY ON.

No matter what she says, she wants to hear more. Your text messages are most likely ten times more interesting than whatever else she is spending her day doing.

Keep the conversation going with something like this:

4. “Ok I’ll stop texting you now babe because I don’t want to distract you. Just before I stop, this is what I’d have said if I was going to carry on messaging you… After I’ve taken all your clothes off and kissed every inch of your body, I’m going to lick you right where you want it! My hot breath and warm tongue are going to drive you crazy and I’m going to keep going until you come for me like my good girl”.

Now hear me out…

YES, that is a long text message. BUT believe me when I say it – IT WILL DRIVE YOUR WOMAN CRAZY.

Try it and see.

She will almost definitely come back with something like this:

“Oh babe, what are you doing to me? You are driving me crazy and I’m meant to be working! That sounds amazing. Tell me more…”

And of course – you do exactly that… tell her more…

5. “I’m going to make you feel so good babe. After I’ve given you an orgasm with my tongue I’m going to give you the best sex ever! Deep and hard – just how you like it. Got to get back to work right now though. See you tonight”

Listen up – this is priceless!

I’m smirking as I type this because I know how POWERFUL this is. The reason I know is because I do it with my girlfriend all the time.

When you send your woman a message like this one, you can guarantee several things:

  • She WANTS YOU and she wants you badly
  • She wants to hear more (don’t give her anymore though. TEASE HER and make her wait till you see her that night)
  • She is wet (and this will feel very naughty to her because she’s probably wet at a totally inappropriate time – whilst she’s at work)

Once you get good at this whole “naughty text sex thing” you can just make it up as you go along.

Just remember, much the same as with regular sex – it pays to start slowly and then get more naughty.

How to Write a Motion Graphics Design Or Animation Treatment

Give Yourself the best chance of winning the Design or Animation project with these guidelines

The Title & Introduction

The very first thing you will write on any treatment is the name of the project, so it is highly advisable to make sure you get this part correct. When taking a brief it is always a good idea to take as detailed notes as possible about all aspects of the project including the people involved, key words, reference material, technical aspects or limitations, audio preferences and project working titles. These notes will assist when putting the basics into a treatment, and showing your fullest understanding of the brief, like the correct title, or key words that the client was at pains to describe the project with.

Once you have a clean leading page with the clients name, the name of the project, and any subtitle, you are ready to add the first and most important body of text, the introduction or approach.

The introduction, outline, premise or approach to a treatment is a vital and concise 2 or 3 line paragraph, clearly telling the reader what it is they are about to read, and the reason for reading it. Ideally this paragraph will ‘grab’ the reader immediately and tweak their interest, wanting to read the rest of the document.

The Writing Style

The use of descriptive language is an important part of the art of all writing, no less with treatments, where you ideally need to squeeze all the information into one or two sides of a4 paper to paint a clear picture in the readers mind’s eye of exactly what they can expect the final film or animation to look like.

When describing your concept, try and use flowing and elegant phrasing while being descriptive and to the point. A wide use of vocabulary will keep the reader interested and their brain visualising the result.

For example, The brief is for a television crime drama title sequence, and the Director wants the style of the title sequence to reflect the period, atmosphere and subject matter of the script. The Director may use quite descriptive words in a brief like, dark or chilling, ensure to re-use these words in your treatment and add some of your own to further embellish. For example; dark foreboding blackness, or chilling, spine jarring finale.

Try not to repeat the same word too many times, and think of alternative ways to describe the same or similar part of the project. For example; when mentioning a transitional effect in the animation or film, try and find new ways to write about that effect.

Your Branding

Ensure that your business, company or studio logo and branding is clearly marked on the front of the treatment, as well as the body of the treatment to ensure that all who read it will know where it is from and who wrote it. It will also help ensure your ideas stay as your own and are not borrowed by someone else. Another consideration is to flatten your document to ensure that the logo and graphics are displayed correctly and no one is able to edit your treatment or take paragraphs for re purposing into another document. Saving your MS Word or other word processor document as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file is an ideal way of achieving this.

The Concept

This is the main body of text where you can flesh out the idea in more detail. It is important to ensure that this paragraph is easy to read and to the point. Use this part of the treatment as a way of quickly describing the rest of the information that you eloquently touched on in your Introduction. Try and keep the sentences brief with enough space around them to be absorbed easily. Allow the sentences to flow together easily to ensure the reader does not get lost partway through, it is vital that your idea makes sense from start to finish giving your reader the chance of constructing the piece in their own minds eye.


Consider including images to assist your concept.

You will probably be producing a storyboard separately to your treatment, but using additional reference images, character illustrations, environment and backgrounds or mood board images in your treatment can really help the reader to grasp what you are saying. Positioning the images is also important, breaking up the paragraphs can lose the readers flow, so try adding an image or series of images under a paragraph.

Using a large image under the Introduction can act as a real eye grabber for the rest of the document.

Reference Material

Reference material is key to helping sell your idea, especially if you can reference your own past work. It is another chance to showcase your work and give the client every confidence in your ability to deliver what you are writing about. References can be web links, embedded links, images, sounds, music tracks, illustration or video. If possible, try and collate it all into one place, an ftp location, a website, a file share location or as zipped attachments to make it easy for the client to explore your references and not have to go to many different internet sites. Again, keeping the treatment easy to read, follow and absorb is paramount.

The Technical Breakdown

The technical section of a treatment should be very factual, very brief and very clear. The clarity will, once again, illustrate to the reader that you have carefully thought the process through and understand exactly what it will take to achieve the finished result. You will always be able to change your thinking with kit later, but at least at this early stage you have approached the idea with a way of technically creating your masterpiece. This paragraph will also illustrate your ability to handle both aspects of any motion graphics project, creativity and technical knowhow, the core components to any motion graphics designer.

Think about outlining what and how many computers you will need, how much disk storage space and backup will be required, which software packages will you be using and are there any specific plug-ins or presets that are relevant. Also take into account the amount of rendering time and hardware that will be needed, archiving considerations, and final delivery formats and other delivery aspects.

Music and Audio

As we all know, music and sound effects can really bring animation and video to life and is a major part of any visual experience. Touch on ideas you have for the music and sound design, include references to other similarly styled videos and describe the tone and atmosphere that the music will evoke with your visuals.

The Budget & Estimated Costs

Costs and quotes are also a huge factor in whether you will succeed in getting the project you desire, but refrain from including any mention of money in the treatment. Instead provide a separate quotation document including any reference to technical or creative specifics in the treatment.

The Conclusion / Summary

The final part of your treatment should act in a similar way to the introduction.

It is a short paragraph that allows you to quickly remind the reader of the key points you discussed in the rest of the document. It is also a chance to use good language to leave the reader wanting to see what you have described, wanting to explore further, wanting to make it come to life.

List of Components

INTRODUCTION – short and sweet

CONCEPT – main descriptive body of text

IMAGES – reference material

TECHNICAL – geeky but essential breakdown

AUDIO – style and reference guide

SUMMARY – the final roundup

The Complete Guide to Pricing Your Tattoo Design

I often get asked by people looking to get a tattoo how much do you think this will cost? Of course each person has their own unique design in mind and everyone wants to know exactly how much their design is going to cost them. However, pricing tattoos is very difficult. You can not give a simple answer to a question like that. The price of a tattoo can vary on a lot of factors. However, here is a general guide so you know some of the factors and some price ranges that would be considered decent.

First Factor: The Shop

Every shop has it’s own pricing guidelines and even every tattoo artist in the shop might have their own ways of pricing a tattoo. The more famous the shop or artist is the more expensive the tattoo will be. Also the price can change depending on how busy the shop is at the time you go in. If they are packed up with clients then they are going to quote you a much higher price then if they are looking for work.

Second Factor: The Design

Another factor that goes into the final price of the tattoo is the design itself. If you have a really large tattoo design in mind and you want the art work to be drawn by the tattoo artist it is going to cost a significant amount more then if you have some flash design that you found at their shop on the wall. So the size of the design and the difference between custom drawn and flash will significantly change the price.

Third Factor: Time

Another factor that always goes into pricing the tattoo design is the amount of time it will take to do the work. A large back piece is going to take a significant number of hours over a small wrist tattoo. If you are looking for something really big like a full back tattoo or a body suit you are going to be spending lots of hours over multiple visits to the tattoo shop and it is going to cost a huge amount of money. You should easily spend thousands of dollars for a full back tattoo. However, small designs that can be done quickly in one sitting of 30 minutes to an hour are obviously going to cost much less.

General Rules

First and foremost don’t ever go bargain shopping for a tattoo design. Do you really want the guy that is the cheapest to do you tattoo design? This is a permanent tattoo design that you are going to live with for the rest of your life and you do not want it coming out all messed up just to save a few bucks. Second you do not ever want to try and negotiate or bargain down a tattoo artist. This will infuriate the artist and can often offend them. Most tattoo artists do their work for a living. Yes they might love creating designs and making tattoos but in the end they do this to put food on their plate and pay the bills. They have worked hard to get to the level they are at and be able to charge the prices they are charging. Negotiating with them is like doubting their skills. With that in mind you do not want to negotiate and you do not want to go with the lowest price it can be wise to search a few different shops and get quotes from different artists. Thus way you can find an artist that you connect well with and someone who you like their designs. The price often will seem reasonable to you if you shop around and find an artist that you really like.

So this gets us down to the question we started with so how much will my tattoo design be? Obviously due to what is stated above this is hard to answer. However here is a general guideline that can help you but it into some ranges and perspective.

Small tattoo design (wrist, foot, ankle) – Between $50 and $150

Medium tattoo design (forearm, leg, upper back, lower back) – Between $150 to $500

Large tattoo design (Full back, sleeve, full leg) – Between $500 to $2,000

Dos and Don’ts While Shopping Baby Clothes

Little Infants are the most amazing and loveable creatures in this whole wide world. Babies have 5 times more sensitive skin than an adult so they also need extra special care of every expect either clothing or baby products that we are using for them. If you are confused of what to shop for your new born baby then you don’t need to be embarrassed or worried because there are plenty of parents like you out there.

Many first time parents find themselves confused when it comes to buying clothes for their infant. From my experience I am telling you that buying clothes for these little adorable babies is a very exciting task. From the experience of raising 2 kids I would like to share some do’s and don’ts while buying clothes for your infant.


1. Give Priority to Fabric:-

There are varieties of fabrics available in the market for sensitive baby Skin. Always keep in mind that a baby’s skin is much more sensitive than you can even think of, that is the reason why parents must look for soft smooth and skin friendly fabric. You can turn the cloth inside out and feel the softness with your hand. Babies get rashes to easily so try to avoid harsh and scratchy stuff, they can harm baby’s soft skin. So cotton is the best option. Cotton cloth gets shrunk 10% after the first wash; buy 1 or two size ahead than your actual baby size.

2. Comfortable Clothes Gives You Happy Baby:-

Always buy comfortable cloth for your baby. Avoid harsh patches on the clothes. Look for no collar or soft collar upper-wear. The collar and the patches make the cloth adorable but does not feel comfortable for baby it can give rashes to baby’s neck. You will regret just after 5 minutes you put it on your beautiful child’s body. Make sure the cloth that you are buying has enough space to go through baby’s head; putting tight neck cloth through the newborn infant’s head can hurt him many ways.

3. Buy Clothes According to Weather:-

Always buy clothes that are appropriate for your baby according to the different weather conditions. For winter season consider one-piece outfits that even keeps baby feet warm. Avoid something like sticks around the baby’s waist and makes him comfortable. Don’t buy jeans or pants, although they look fashionable by they are not comfy. For summer season look for open neck cotton upper wear with soft shorts. Buy those cloths that can protect them for heat.

4. Save Money:-

Do not buy exact size cloth of infant always go for 1 or 2 Size ahead of its actual size, the reason behind is babies grow quickly and some fabrics get shrink 10% after first wash. Some stores sell clothes at cheaper rates when you buy them in sets, it does not mean you buy all clothes for summer only. If your baby is 8 months old, buy 14-18 months baby clothes also. You can even sell your old used baby clothes at various websites online.


1. Avoid Choking Hazards:-

Always avoid clothes with extra buttons and zips, your precious baby can swallow them accidentally and from time to time always look for any loose button and broken zip on baby cloth if there is any fix it or change the cloth. In summers buy open neck t-shirts for baby and for winter season buy one piece outfits with no button on sleeves.

2. Don’t Buy Expensive Fashionable Clothes:-

Never buy expensive clothes for your baby there are two reasons for it. First one is babies grow faster so soon those expensive clothes will be worth nothing. Summer clothes are of no use in winters vice versa. The Second the most important reason is fashionable clothes are not comfortable for babies they got patches, zips extra buttons and many more which can irritate baby skin even give him red patches.

3. Don’t Buy Tight Elastic:-

Try to avoid tight elastic pants, jeans, and t-shirt sleeves. Tight elastic cloth can make infant extremely uncomfortable and it can even scratch the part of the body where the elastic rubs. Always look for shorts or pants with mild elastic or with no elastic. Always consider skin friendly clothes for little toddler.

Some Tips Parents Must Take Into Consideration:-

  • Buy mild colors for newly born baby.
  • Choose fabric that does not create any problem in baby’s breathing.
  • Try to find the reason if baby is crying constantly, clothes could be troubling him.
  • Don’t buy tight clothes, always look for bit bigger size than actual baby size.
  • Choose clothes that are easy to be put on and put off.
  • Baby gloves and socks must be extra soft. Giver extra care to the baby’s neck, hands, feet and waist.
  • If you are tempted by fashion go for it but stay in baby’s comfort zone.
  • If there is a sale going on do not buy clothes in bulk for one season, think intelligently