Dress Shirt Embroidery

DRESS SHIRT TIPS Successful digitizing and embroidery


The “business casual” environment that led to relaxed dress codes for the workplace starting in the 90’s has changed the way America shows up for work. Jeans and sweatshirts are not unusual. However, the pendulum appears to be swinging back toward a more polished, upscale appearance in business apparel, especially since confidence in corporations has slipped recently with the trade scandals and folding dot-coms. With this change, the dress shirt, a traditional “dress for success” item in a man’s closet, is enjoying a resurgence of popularity. It tops the charts when a professional image is important. The addition of an embroidered logo provides upscale corporate identity and with a little forethought can add style and interest as well.

The classic dress shirt is a long-sleeved, front-button shirt with tails. It is available in some luxurious fabrics and fun colors today. However, it is best to think “conservative” when a shirt is to include an embroidered logo or design. Collar styles include: Straight, Spread or British Spread, Button-down, Curved, Tab and Banded. Your choice of style may depend on your customer’s preferences, but the best bet is to stick with a straight collar (the standard for business today) and a solid, basic color. Long sleeves with button cuffs complete the look and provide more creative opportunities for embroidery. For hotel uniforms or other functional work wear that will be worn in hot, humid climates, short sleeves, of course, are the logical choice.


Left and Right Chest – A company logo is normally embroidered on the left chest pocket of a dress shirt. Personalization, such as an employee name, is embroidered on the right. Keep designs small enough to fit comfortably in the space provided. Smaller is better, especially on a shirt pocket. (Be aware that as the logo or design is reduced in size, text size will be reduced and may become too small to digitize properly. Re-designing the logo may be necessary to keep text no less than 3/16″ or ¼” in height.)

Collar – The left front of the collar presents a stylish opportunity to add a unique design or message on a dress shirt. It is being used by private schools today to embellish children’s uniforms when sweaters and vests can potentially conceal a left chest application.

Back – Beneath the collar (in the yoke area) can add variety to design placement. One consideration for this area is to avoid designs that could be irritating for the wearer due to backing included on the inside of the garment. Certain designs that require heavy backing may not be advisable.

Cuff – A tone-on-tone logo or stylized initials on a shirt cuff can provide another subtle, classy form of corporate identity.


When we think of a dress shirt fabric, we generally think of woven cotton (such as that found in an oxford shirt) or a cotton polyester blend. However, dress shirts also come in blends of polyester and cotton twill (common for industrial and commercial work wear), silk, the newer micro fiber fabrics and a polyester/rayon that looks and drapes like silk (this fabric was introduced in women’s shirts and has recently been incorporated into men’s shirts). Some dress shirts worn by industrial and commercial work staff are being produced in wickable fabrics with a high synthetic fabric content. Wickable fabrics originated in clothing designed for extreme sporting events like mountain climbing and has moved into the shirts designed for work wear. The fabric transfers moisture from the skin to the outside of the   cloth  where it can evaporate. This feature helps the wearer to maintain a more even body temperature, thus reducing discomfort and improving performance. The key here is to select fabric that will support the function and image your customer is looking for. Thinner fabrics may cost less, but they don’t maintain their fit and shape as well as higher quality fabrics You will pay a bit more for a quality fabric, but it will also last longer and provide a polished, professional appearance that keeps your customers coming back for more.


With its vibrant colors and high sheen, the preferred choice of thread for dress shirts that will make their appearance in the boardroom or sales office is rayon. Keep in mind that a cooler temperature with color-safe bleach will be needed to safeguard its color and sheen.

When shirts will be washed frequently in hot water or with large amounts of chlorine bleach (as for staff at a restaurant or hotel), the best choice, with its strength and resistance to fading, is polyester.


For industrial or commercial uniforms, the trend is moving away from the use of name tags and patches toward embroidering direct on the fabric. The result is a less clinical, more personalized, professional image. One thing to keep in mind, however, is when shirts are acquired offshore, they may have pocket placements angled incorrectly or offset to left or right. Lining up a logo is difficult in such a case. We suggest ordering a shirt sample from an offshore vendor prior to placing your order. Hold off showing a catalog image of the shirt to your customer, if at all possible, until you receive an actual sample. If you find yourself in a situation where shirts have been delivered with pockets misaligned or offset, find an embroiderer who will work with you to compensate for the misalignment by modifying the angle or placement of the embroidery.

Letter size is always an important consideration when creating a design for the embroidery process. Script or serif fonts are not advisable for small text. For best results, use capitalized letters in a sans serif font such as Arial. The minimum letter heights listed below are for sans serif, block letters, sewn in a satin stitch.

Suggested minimum Letter Height by Fabric:

Pique, Terry  cloth , Fleece ….. 1/ 4″

Twill, Most other fabrics …… 3/16″


When the protocol for business attire relaxed, the door opened for new and creative ways to embellish promotional business apparel. Take advantage of that opportunity by thinking outside the box with creative solutions to a company’s identification challenges. In cooler temperatures where sweaters and vests are a mainstay during the winter months, you could suggest a coordinating shirt and sweater or vest combination. A stylish version of the company logo can be added to the left front collar of a dress shirt and a standard left chest version embroidered on the sweater or vest. This ensures a visual display of the corporate logo with or without the sweater or vest.

Another idea is to add a vendor logo to a secondary location, such as beneath the back collar, on the cuff or upper sleeve (on a short-sleeved shirt). A company may be able to attain coop dollars to help fund the cost of a company shirt with this arrangement. A shirt retailer, for example, could have the logo of a primary shirt provider embroidered on their staff’s sleeve or cuff and their own logo embroidered on the left chest pocket.

Designing Your Dessert Bar With Class

Whatever party it is that you are organizing-wedding reception for your beloved best friend, your cousin’s 30th birthday bash, or your baby’s baptism-you surely want to create a dashing dessert bar that will be the talk of the town for a long time. Desserts have a way of getting into people’s sweet tooth and since you, yourself, are such a great fan of these delectable sweet treats, you know you should do your best to create a dessert bar with class. Of course, you also know that taste is not just the only thing that matters. Presentation is just as important. Here, you will find out wonderful tips on how to design a beautiful dessert bar.

Gather everything you need

For the dessert bar, you will need a long rectangular table, plain table cloth, coordinating set of serveware and platters, decorations, and of course the specialty desserts. The reason you need a plain table cloth is to enable the desserts to stand out. Desserts are already colorful so it would be best to have a white table cloth for this purpose. Coordinating sets of platters are necessary to give the bar a cohesive look. Now, if you are planning to create the specialty desserts on your own, it is a must to invest on high quality baking equipment including cream dispenser and whipped cream dispenser so you can create the best kinds of desserts.

Pick a theme

Before you get started with the decoration, you need to create a theme that will complement the overall theme of the party or occasion. For example, if it were going to be a nautical theme party, you can go for a tropical bar filled with tropical fruits like pineapples, kiwis, papaya, and so on.

Color coordinate

It is important to coordinate the colors on the bar so that it would not look like a Christmas tree. Pick colors that complement each other so you don’t have to endure having colors clash with each other. You don’t have to be necessarily boring and pick just one or two colors. You can explore different shades and tones as long as they complement each other. Check the color wheel for this purpose so you can pick shades effectively.

Create a focal point

Your dessert bar should have a centerpiece. Just like any other centerpiece, it should be one that fits and blends well with the overall presentation of the bar. Remember, the centerpiece will be the focal point of the dessert bar so you need to invest a good amount of time and energy into planning for one that will give justice your dessert bar. Some great ideas include a large chocolate fountain, a clear vase filled with fruits, an ice sculpture, and a sculpture water fountain.

Pick eye-catchy desserts

Last but definitely not the least, you should pick eye-catchy desserts to put in your dessert bar. Apart from the centerpiece, these items will be the main decorative item that will make the bar look decadent and luscious.

Enjoy creating the dessert bar for your party!

Designer Menswear for the Discriminating Dresser

Women have long known the value of designer wear. There is a distinction to lines and a classic style to a name brand garment that cannot be captured by off-the-rack designer copies. They have paid top dollar for famous designer labels because they know these clothes will wear well. Both the fabric and the style will stand the test of time. When their husbands gasped at the price of a designer label they were told, “But honey it’s a ___!” and husbands who did not understand the significance shrugged and let it go.

Recently these same men have discovered the comfort, perennial style and classic lines of designer menswear. Previous discussions with their wives about designer labels are now starting to make sense. For a man to look good in the boardroom, on the golf course, at a charity event or just socializing in the neighbourhood, nothing sets him above the rest like designer menswear. Whether the label is from the fashion runway of Paris, Rome, Montreal, New York or Milan, men can depend on designer menswear to give them a sophisticated man-about-town appearance.

Men who are wearing designer labels carry themselves differently. Whether at a pressure-filled public appearance or rubbing elbows with their superiors at work, men wearing designer labels have a quiet confidence. Many have commented that they owe that new job or that big promotion to a specific name-brand designer suit.

One judge laughingly commented that whenever he had to try a highly publicized case he wore his designer shoes. “The TV cameras do not catch then behind my bench,” he said, “but just knowing I have them on makes me feel more confident about my ruling. Wearing them, I sound more scholarly!”

Does this sound far-fetched? Try wearing designer menswear to your next interview or highly-publicized event and see if you do not feel better about your appearance!

What sets a designer garment above the rest? One now-successful fashion designer told an interviewer that when he was a design student at college he had found a hand-made men’s suit jacket at a consignment shop. He bought it and literally took it apart stitch by stitch to see what all the fuss was about. He noted that inside the jacket lining was a plethora of perfect hems, padding and design reinforcement that made the design classic and the fit perfect. “It was then that I discovered my destiny,” he commented. Today this young man’s designs command public recognition and top fashion dollar.

Mexican Clothing Guide

When people talk about Mexican clothing, there are a few things that come to mind.

Mexican Fun Costumes

First, there are the traditional costumes to wear in a fun party or during Halloween. These types of garments are simple representations of Mexican folklore typically used with a Mexican sarape or Mexican hat.

Mexican Outfits

Second, there are the real Mexican outfits used by Mexicans in celebrations, traditional parties or events. Examples of this type of clothing are the ones used by Mexican charros (Mexican cowboys) or mariachi bands, and also the typical Adelita dresses with colorful ribbons used in traditional dancing.

Mexican Traditional Clothing

Then we have the Mexican traditional clothing which are the styles inherited by the past generations of the indigenous communities which evolved through the Spanish colonization. These garments are original, and full of history. These items are huipils (typical blouse), rebozos (shawls) and typical tunic dresses among other items. Although they all share the traditional history, and many have similar characteristics, each region of Mexico has specific styles, symbols and wearing costumes. For example in the Yucatan peninsula, where the Mayan civilization flourished, you can find the typical terno which is a costume of three pieces: huipil, jubon, and fustan; A blouse (huipil), a square decorated fabric piece over the head (jubon), and a long skirt to the ankle (fustan).

Modern Mexican Clothing

Finally, we have the modern and contemporary Mexican apparel. This is the new trendy, cool designs with a Mexican touch. Young designers are finding a market for authentic Mexican garments that use the traditional designs and combine them with Mexican graphics and symbols creating beautiful and appealing designs for the world. Today you can find business women wearing a rebozo to work with a stylish embroidered dress, or you can find the male political figures wearing the typical guayabera shirt when meeting their constituents. There are also the Mexican fancy dresses with a western formal design combined with Mexican embroidery and accessories used by women in weddings, graduations and other special occasions.

Mexican Jewelry and Accessories

In addition to Mexican clothing, people appreciate the beauty of Mexican jewelry and accessories. They are all inspired by indigenous traditions, religious customs or a combination of both. Mexico is famous for its silver jewelry designs, and also for it fashion jewelry trends. An example of a new trend is the handcrafted paper jewelry designs made by artisan women in central Mexico. They were able to successfully translate the inspirational paintings made by the Huichol indigenous group into a fun, beautiful and easy to wear accessory.

LRG Clothing for Men: What Are Your Options to Look Trendy?

LRG is a well-known clothing company that makes a variety of fashionable clothing for men, women and kids. The name of this company stands for Lifted Research Group and they produce high quality wear according to the styles that are worn in the 21st century. There are many options for men if they are looking for new hip hop clothing. There are various types of LRG jackets, jeans, shirts, and hoodies that you can purchase. The mission of LRG is to satisfy the customers with their high quality and new trendy designs. They have a team of designers that make clothing exclusively for men. Some of the main clothing trends are discussed in this article, so that you can get a gist of what people are wearing nowadays.

LRG Hoodies and Jacket

The LRG jackets and hoodies can be found in various sizes and colors. You can choose from a variety of designs. These jackets are popular nowadays and many men are buying them because they have that rapper-hip hop star look. The material that is used is mainly designed for young men. A nice jacket or hoodie can say a lot about your personality. If you buy something that is of good quality and purchase a fitted LRG jacket then you will look fashionable. The hoodies and jackets also have a specific logo on them which makes them distinct from all the other jackets that are present in the market. There are so many varieties present that if you search long and hard then you will be able to find a jacket that completes your outfit.

LRG Jeans and Shirts That Match

If you are looking for a coordinated outfit, then you should consider checking out the LRG collection for me. Their unique collection consists of many different types of shirts that you can select from. When you find the right shirt for yourself, you should start looking for the jeans that fit with that shirt. It’s not difficult to mix and match various combinations as you just have to browse the retailer’s categorized website. You will be able to find many colors, designs, and sizes, so there is no need to fret about not finding something that fits you properly. There are different types of shirts such as sporty shirts, casual shirts, and even formal shirts. So, you can choose a shirt according to the occasion. This will make your shopping trip easier and you will be able to get your desired jeans and shirts within just a couple of days if you order online.

Making a fashion statement is not difficult if you find the right brand of clothing. LRG clothing is a great choice for men to look trendy while maintaining their shopping budget. The designer clothing is highly affordable and it won’t dig a hole in your pockets to make you look trendy. Men’s fashion does not change that much and if you want to find high quality clothing that will last you for years, then you should check out LRG clothing and see if it suits your needs.

4 Great Fashion Tips For Plus-Size Women Over 50

It is believed that as a woman grow older; as she gains more wisdom and confidence, the more matured and beautiful she becomes. There is an inner light in her which makes her look radiant as years pass by. There is an old saying wish is applicable to women; old is gold.

When women grow older, her fashion sense undergoes series of changes that will be more suitable to her. When women choose cloth to wear, they don’t just go for trendy cloths or pick cloth because it’s in vogue, they choose cloths which look good, more comfortable and a little trendy on them, some even completely give up fashion as they grow older; rather they look for cloths that are convenient on them. However these should not be the case, good and trendy cloth can make you look younger and radiant. Here are some fashion tips that will help grown up women.

Whenever you are choosing what to wear, you should choose what will fit you well, cloths that will hide your flaws and enhance your strength, you should not where baggy cloths or cloths that will make you look tied up. If you are wearing a fitted cloth, make sure they emphasize your curves but not to provocative. On the other hand, don’t go for baggy cloth because you are plus size. Choose cloths that are just right for you.

When it comes to fabrics to use, don’t go for frills, fussy fabrics, and fussy prints. Frills and fussy fabrics don’t make you look good instead they give you a childish look, its better to wear clean cuts and classic design that can make you have classic, chic and elegant appearance. More also fussy or prints will make you bigger than you already are so it is better to choose cloths that will enhance your curves.

Avoid using mini or short skirts and also shorts, anything short will not look good on you especially if you are plus size. If you have great legs, there are ways you can show them off rather than wearing shorts skirts. Moderate skirts will just works perfectly for you if you are plus size with great legs.

With old age comes flabby skin even if sometimes that you give it all the care in the world. So the best to do at this point is to avoid exposing a great deal of your flabby skin and you should use under garment with proper support and grip.

Maternity Clothes FAQ

Mommies to be shouldn’t have to be concerned about anything but the welfare of their child and themselves. And that is why we have this article which answers some of the most frequently asked questions about maternity clothes. Hopefully after this all you have to do is pick up your shopping bag and head to the nearest maternity store or even better is order online for the maternity clothes of your choice.

Some FAQs about Maternity Clothing

Qs.1 How should I choose my size?

Ans: It is a popular belief that when you become pregnant your size changes drastically, but that is not true. Yes the size does change but very little. Most women wear the same size as their normal clothes. Having said that, most pregnant women put on weight on their thighs, breasts, bottom and the stomach (obviously). Maternity clothes are cut in the same manner as normal clothes the difference being that it is cut with a different belly. Your breast size will increase considerably so you may have to go a size or two up finding the need for maternity bras.

Qs.2 What style of waist band is the most comfortable?

Ans: Until recently you could buy only a tummy panel which had an elastic waist with a big rib pouch, but things have changed today for the new mommies to be. Today you can get a scoop under belly, under belly V, flat front and fold over. Many prefer the underbelly design though many still like the over belly design.

In the initial stages of pregnancy an under belly design is better as you don’t need to be showing to wear them. This makes it easy to reuse the clothes even after the delivery as it is sometimes unlikely that you will fit into your old clothes immediately after the birth. The V belly can get a little uncomfortable in the later days of the pregnancy especially if you are sitting for long periods of time.

Qs.3 How do I measure small, medium, large and extra large?

Ans: This changes from brand to brand and from style to style but in general they are:




Extra Large=14/16

Qs.4 Do I need maternity clothes?

Ans: Yes you do. You will need new maternity clothes when you no longer fit into your own clothes. There are a few things you should keep in mind while buying maternity clothes though:

– The seasons in Queensland can be a bit tricky. The winter does not arrive till May but the clothes are stocked since February and summer stock does not come till August so it is best if you plan accordingly so that you don’t miss out on any clothing you will require.

– Try on the clothes your self even though it means making a trip to the store. You can buy maternity wear and keep even before you need it as the clothes are stitched in such a way that it is easy to wear both before and after pregnancy (or you don’t even have to be pregnant to wear it)

Qs.5 When is the best time to buy my maternity bra?

Ans: You will need to buy the maternity bra any time from 5 months. It is possible that you may not fit into your own bra from the 3rd month itself, so it is advisable that you wear a soft cup bra like a sports bra. It is then after this in the 5-6 month that you will have to be fitted for your Maternity Bra.

Some ladies even need to wear the bra to bed as they could face soreness or leaking as they advance towards the later stages of pregnancy. After the birth you will need to wear the bra to keep the breast pads in place.

Qs. 6 Won’t larger sizes in normal clothing do?

Ans: You may end up using the non maternity clothing for quite some time, but they won’t be of any use through the complete pregnancy and you will have to purchase maternity clothing. This is why it is advisable not to spend too much in the initial stages or in the last as you must pay attention to how long will you actually be wearing that item of clothing.

Regatta Clothing: Workwear With An Edge

How are you finding your summer so far, hot, sunny, muggy or soaking wet? What better time to start looking at Regatta clothing after all when you live in the UK you will need good, strong reliable water-proof garments especially in the summer and Regatta clothing has all of those assets and much, much more.

Since their inception in the early 80’s Regatta clothing has been thrust into the breach, their birthplace was cold, wet and miserable Manchester the perfect testing ground for durable, strong and water-resistant products. The story behind how Regatta acquired their name is one of those fables steeped in intrigue and good fortune. Their origins stem from a solitary market stall in Manchester City Centre where the Black family sold clothing imported from the Far East, one particular shipment of outdoor clothing managed to sell out in record time. The products, jackets in this case had the name Regatta stitched in the left breast and It wasn’t long before customers were asking when the “Regatta clothing” was coming back. Quickly the Black family secured a supply chain with the Far East manufacturer and embossed the name Regatta as their company name and a brand was born.

From the beginning Regatta clothing have invested millions of Pounds in R&D and innovations, which have propelled their brand to the pinnacle of excellence. Today they are the benchmark to measure against all waterproof outdoor clothing whether that’s for leisure pursuits or increasingly for workwear. The professional range is designed specifically for the workwear market and in our opinion they offer some of the best products we’ve seen. Regatta has designed their workwear to be durable, tough, waterproof, economical and stylish. The main assets workwear brands strive to attain is stylish, sought after products as well as being protective and tough enough. Brands try to achieve market crossover success, Carhartt has achieved this goal so has Dickies workwear many others have tried or are trying to follow suit as this strategy generates more profit, brand equity and kudos.

Regatta clothing is inherently stylish following the simple principle of using their leisurewear range to form the basis for all their workwear designs, which has resulted in great success. Regatta didn’t grow to be a 30 million pound turnover company based on poor products design and creation.

Where Regatta clothing really score points is their jackets and fleece garments, a lot of other workwear brands either tend to largely neglect their jacket designs or charge a fortune for them what Regatta clothing has done is simple yet brilliant they focused on their workwear jackets creating many styles and designs to cater for all work roles as well as leisure pursuits. All their clothing has a “value for money” ethos at the core and because of this you get a hell of a lot of jacket for the money you pay. Regatta Clothing has been so successful at this strategy that other brands have had to up their game or reduce prices to even compete.

Regatta clothing is the perfect workwear brand especially in these tough economic times because they offer great value at the same time producing high performance products.

In September 2012 Regatta clothing launch their new range called “Hardwear” which is aimed at workers who need fantastic protection from the elements while also requiring tough and rugged practical workwear. Little additions such as abrasion resistant patches around the cuffs and the use of their own fabric treatment “ATL” which makes the workwear resistant to dirt and stains will make these products hugely successful. Along with premium own brand treatments like ATL, Regatta are adding their excellent Isotex fabrics to provide superior water-resistant qualities to the new Hardwear products as well as adding durable abrasion resistant fabrics to strategic places on their clothing. Areas like the elbows and cuffs which are some of the first locations to fail so Regatta clothing have added Oxford Dobby polyester which is a heavy-duty tough fabric designed to extend the longevity of the product. Even with new fabric additions the main aim of making workwear which is both lightweight and functional has to be at the forefront of all Regatta clothing design.

To begin with the new workwear range will offer 8 unique products, several jackets and bodywarmers, later Regatta will add more Hardwear product lines to the range to take on other brands and compete more extensively. These new workwear products will mesh well and compliment all existing Regatta Products especially their trousers such as the premium workwear trousers and several of the Regatta fleeces like the 250 Series anti-pill fleece.

Overall the future looks bright for Regatta clothing and who knows you could be a new Regatta workwear convert very soon.

Curvy Girls Want Larger Size Clothing

While shopping for plus size clothing can be comparable to getting a root canal, for many extra tall curvy girls, it is nigh unto impossible to find clothing that fits and flatters. Shirts and pants are too short. Bust lines do not fall where the bust should fall. Full length sleeves become three-quarter length. It is enough to make a big and tall woman scream. Many women have even resorted to wearing men’s clothing to find the right fit. How unfeminine is that? Men’s pants do not allow for the natural curve of woman’s hips, let alone offer femininity and beauty. Most big & tall stores cater to men. For years, it has been acceptable for a man to be husky, beefy or brawny. Yet the lack of big & tall boutiques for women is evident. There are an abundance of specialty shops for the tall and lanky, but what about the tall and curvy? Where are the boutiques for a beautiful woman who celebrates her Amazon ancestry? Many specialty shops for tall women offer sizes up to 16, 18 or 20. But what about the tall, curvy girl who wears a 22 or larger?

Designers have recently started to realize a real need for longer shirts and inseams in the plus size industry. They have started to add clothing designs that flatter the waist, while enhancing the bust, for a longer torso. Designers have also realized the need for convertible or adjustable styles that would accommodate women of all body types and sizes. There are more clothing lines that offer a tailored shape, while adjusting for long legs and long arms. While this is mostly, as yet, an unexplored niche, there is a thrill in discovering a big & tall women’s boutique. However, this thrill is short-lived, as the prices in these exclusive boutiques are quite outrageous for the average curvy Amazon. Who wants to spend a mere fortune for a few pieces of cloth? Tops and blouses can range anywhere from $50 to $150, while nice trouser or jeans can run, on average, $90 to $250. Add a pair of shoes, a belt and accessories, and a curvy girl can pay around $500 for a single outfit. Mind you, that outfit will fit like a glove, look amazing and exude confidence, but what will she wear the other six days of the week?

I have talked to several tall curvy women who exceed 5 feet 9 inches, and they seem to have two main complaints. Designers, pay attention! These curvy Amazons are demanding plus size clothing that elongates the body and enhances the natural curve. They want fashion forward styles that allow for longer, wider legs. They are calling for longer flowing shirts, knee length dresses and cute skirts. Tall, curvy women want business apparel that commands attention and yet is feminine. And, yes, shockingly tall women love high heels! There is nothing more classy that a tall, curvy woman in a fitted, belted tunic top, a-line, knee-length skirt and high heels. Long legs and tailored curves are still yet to come in the fashion industry, yet with a little determination and time, big and tall woman can find several jewels among stores, with extended and special sizing.

Three Hot Bags You Can Take to the Beach

The beach, you ask, with a raised eyebrow … why does one need a bag for the beach?

Bikini season is fast approaching, and you cannot have forgotten about the all-important beach bag just because you have yet to get your summer clothes out of storage.

The first and most critical bag to have for this season is the tote. Can you imagine a trip to the beach without that essential carry-all? In many cases, totes are going to be different for everyone depending on the style of the girl and the stage of their life when they make the trek to the beach.

For some women, it will be a weather and sand resistant bag that is large enough to hold numerous children’s items as well as her own. For others, it will be slim and sleek and it will accompany a gauzy dress or wrap over a classic swimsuit worn with large dark shades. For the last set – and the youngest – it will be a casual, fun and flirtatious bag to carry everything the girl can possibly need from sunrise to sunset and beyond. Let’s explore all three of these scenarios and discuss a few options!

For the woman with a child, simply getting to the beach is enough of a project. Certainly the bag she carries is critical because it can really help her get there more smoothly. There are many attractive yet functional totes that you can choose from, so don’t despair if you fall into this category and think that stylish beach-going no longer applies to you! It does, and all you need to do is take a close look at the combination tote/diaper bags that are being made these days.

For instance, take a look at the Sally Spicer Large Tote/Diaper combination. It is made of polyvinyl with a waterproof bottom so it is perfect for a trip to the beach. It has web handles, sturdy seaming, and is a great bag to have roughed-up while it remains perfectly stylish! This particular bag is very easy on the purse, costing about $80.00. Perhaps the best feature is that it comes in twenty different styles and design patterns to choose from! The Chocolate Posie is a dark brown beauty with blues and tans in flowered accents, while other selections include Dragonfly Jade or Guava Stripe. All of the Sally Spicer designs are trendy and beautiful, and will all host an amazing array of kiddie toys and diapers with equal ease.

If you are a more sophisticated, less child-bearing, jet-setting type that is heading to the beach, you will not need such a tote. On the other hand, you might prefer to be seen with a bag more sleek and chic. For you, style is supreme and functionality plays little part in what you choose to wear to accompany your already-chic beach look. Whether you are donning a dress, a sarong, or just a suit and cover-up with dramatic eyewear, you are sure to need an appropriate bag to go with the outfit. Some prefer rattan or straw, while others lean toward canvas. Clearly, leather is not an option as far as beach material is concerned. Look for something with a neat, clean and tight weave, and err on the side of simplicity. You will want a bag that can easily be worn with a number of different swimsuits, styles, shades and colors. A natural brown canvas or cream works best here!

If you are the youngest of sand and surf lovers, the options are limitless! Your youth and spirit can be conveyed with a variety of different tote bags for the beach. Luckily, you have options that not everyone has and you can pull off a denim slouch bag, a louder, more fun plastic or vinyl tote, or a pretty canvas bag. If you opt for denim, just be sure it is a sturdy sort, and keep it trendy with a large over-the-shoulder strap and buckle. A dark wash is best, as it is sure to fade over time. No patches or pockets should be involved, as this denim, unlike your favorite pair of jeans, is best kept simple.

For a floral or geometric print vinyl, you can go crazy! These bags should be paired with simple swimsuits, preferably black or white, and if so paired the bag can be as crazy and hot as you wish! Look for great big floral prints in bright pinks and purples, or geometric patterns in limes, blues and oranges. Of course, a simple canvas bag will always work and will be the best choice for playing it safe. However, when you are young and carefree, why shoulder that type of bag? You have plenty of time for that later in life. Have fun with your bag and with your time in the sun!