How Women’s Workout Clothing Is Designed For Better Results

Back in the day, women threw on a pair of sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and some running shoes and went jogging to get their exercise. Today, there are workouts with resistance equipment, kettle balls, and even water. As much as the form of exercise itself has evolved, workout clothing has evolved even more. Modern exercise attire can improve performance, delivering beneficial results that complement our workout efforts. In addition, this clothing looks much more attractive than those old sweatpants.

Increasing exertion

If the goal is to shed some pounds this year, never fear, because there is workout clothing out there to help. Some apparel exerts force against the skin during a workout, increasing muscle exertion by up to 50 percent. The result is that whether the wearer is walking, running, doing yoga, or lifting weights, a bit more energy is expended. Resistance built into some clothing targets problem areas like the thighs and glutes.

Keep your cool

In addition to increasing performance, many pieces keep the wearer cool and dry while exercising. Fabrics wick moisture from perspiration away from the body and store it like a capillary. Bras feature nylon mesh backing rather than multiple layers of fabric, keeping women cooler. Well-made pieces are designed to last and the clothing comes in different colors and patterns. Material is soft and provides the “give” needed during a workout that involves stretching and other movement.

Be environmentally friendly

For exercise during the warmer months, there are no ride-up capris and shorts designed for workouts that involve raising the legs, such as Pilates. Some exercise clothing is eco-friendly, made from fibers like organic cotton, soy, and bamboo. Other clothes include recycled materials and lack synthetic fibers such as Lycra. This allows an environmentally conscious woman to enjoy a workout without worry that the environment was harmed in making her apparel.

Workout gear for every part of you

Clothing that enhances performance is not limited to tops, bottoms, and undergarments. Shoes are also designed to improve a workout. Toning shoes work the core of the body and can be worn during a walking workout or when walking around town. Performance-enhancing workout clothing has become so popular that some manufacturers plan to release a line of swimwear that includes the same features. This will enable avid swimmers to enjoy the same benefits without having to give up their preferred exercise.

The beginning of a revolution

This seems to be just the beginning of a revolution in workout clothing. As researchers discover new fabrics designed to improve comfort and enhance performance during specific types of exercise, the product line will evolve. It is not difficult to imagine a day when each type of exercise has its own designated clothing featuring built-in benefits.

Fitness should be a part of every female’s lifestyle. If the clothing women wear can help improve the results of their workouts, this is a great additional benefit. Though the clothing will not do all of the work for the wearer, it can make exercise more effective.

Building A Great Clothing Web Site – Things to Consider

Building an online apparel business is not as easy as you think. I know this because I started my online apparel wholesale business in 2002, after my “off-line” apparel business failed. I built my 1st web site with Microsoft FrontPage. There were 300 products on my web site. I did my own graphics, my own design, and my own marketing. I worked 24 x 7 for over 6 months straight. 5 years later, my web sites (I have 4 store fronts) bring in a steady stream of business. I no longer need to cold call to find customers, and frankly I don’t work that hard anymore to make a pretty good living.

The following elements on an apparel web site will make or break your business.

#1: The overall look and feel of the store front

You can always tell between a professionally designed and executed web site from one that is done by amateurs. If you are selling originally designed clothing that is not branded, the look and feel is a very important factor. Does it look different from everyone else? Does it look creative? Does it look like quality? Check out your major competition’s web sites. Keep in mind people can not touch the fabric of your clothing. They need to feel comfortable enough to give your products a try.

#2: Product Images

Most people starting their online apparel store either use someone else’s photos, or take the photos with their digital camera. Either way, your product pictures need to look professional and detailed. 1 way to achieve this is to rent professional lighting equipment for your photo shoot. They cost between $25 to $50 a day, but will make a huge impact in the quality of your photos. If you are serious about succeeding in your clothing business, you should invest that money. If you really can’t swing it, use a program such as Photoshop to retouch your photos to make them look more professional. Add a watermark on your pictures. So even if someone steals your picture, at least they will do some free advertising for you.

If you are selling items that have more complex designs, such as sequined dresses, or jackets with appliqués, make sure to take additional detail close-up photos of the garment from different angles. This will ensure the customer knows what the clothing item looks like, and greatly decrease your return rate.

#3: User Friendly Navigation

Make sure the site’s simple. Avoid too many levels of navigation before the user gets to the final product page where they can push the “Buy” button. Up-sell the customer with related items. If the customer clicks on outdoor jackets, put gloves and boots on the same page of the jackets for possible up-sale. Remember, you want the customer to focus on the product itself, not getting confused by too much unnecessary information. You also want them to be able to go back to where they came from, or direct them to more choices for the same product category. So putting “see other choices” or “back to item category” buttons near the item they are viewing.

#4: Easy Check Out

Use “breadcrumbs” to show where they are in the check out process to reassure them they are almost there. Reduce the number of forms to the minimum. Put everything on the same page. The last thing you want is to have the customer abandon their sale because of an ill-conceived check-out process.

#5: Optimize For Search Engine

It does not matter how well done your web site is, or how good your products are, if people can not find your store! So the most important thing about marketing your site is to optimize your web site with search terms used by your potential customers. Find all possible keywords and search terms. Google’s AdWords has a tool that helps you identify search terms related to your product category. I use a professional service out of UK called WordTracker. Truth be told, you really should do this research BEFORE you start building your new web site as the way a web site is constructed impacts how well it gets ranked on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This is a complex issue but is one you need to spend time researching on if you want your web site to succeed. And make sure to read my article on the technical aspects of building a good web site. If you want to see my current web sites, here are the links:

Embroidery Hats and Promotional Baseball Caps

Custom Embroidered Shirts and Custom Embroidery Apparel

Corporate Apparel and Corporate Logo Shirts

Barbie Clothes

As soon as little girls get what or who Barbie is, it’s kind of downhill from there. All little girls want to have a Barbie doll. And she just doesn’t come on her own. Oh no, she has clothes, accessories, even her own toys and the little girls are going to expect their Barbie to be primped as well.

Barbie lacks nothing, and she has everything going for her. This simply translates into, now that you got your little girl a Barbie doll, you have to dress her up too. Its kind of hard to figure out at this point if what she wants are Barbie clothes or just accessories, so you might have to end up getting a few of each.

You can never be able to say that you have all the Barbie clothes either. Your little girl knows that there’s plenty of choice for her, from beach clothes, formal ball gowns, even night clothes. And these clothes are designed to mimic the designs of clothes that we wear too. So by the way, she might also want you to get a similar set of clothes for herself. The material used to make these clothes is non toxic, sturdy and for safety use Velcro as a fastener.

Now that Barbie has clothes, she has to have a place to keep them. There is a clothes carrier or Barbie clothes wardrobe that can carry all of Barbies clothes and accessories so your little girl can take her wherever she wants.

Japanese Weekend Maternity Clothes Are Classic And Stylish

Classic and stylish, comfortable and functional are a few of the words used to describe Japanese Weekend’s beautiful maternity and nursing wear. Japanese Weekend is made for the modern mother’s maternity and nursing needs. It is carefully crafted for the changing pregnant body. From comfortable pajamas to stylish nursing tops and gorgeous maternity dresses, Japanese Weekend’s maternity clothing is the perfect addition to every expectant mother’s wardrobe.

Having the perfect pair of pajamas is a must for every expectant mother as one wants to be incredibly comfortable throughout the night. Japanese Weekend’s pajamas are designed for both maternity and nursing, ensuring that one will get a lot of use out of them. Their combination maternity and nursing sleepwear is a comfy and stylish pajama set that will keep one feeling great throughout all hours of the night. With super soft fabric this two piece pajama set features a V-neck top and empire-waist design, paired with matching pajama bottoms. An elastic waistband ensures that it will fit throughout one’s pregnancy and after. Easy nursing access is provided with a simple pull-down design, making midnight feedings very easy. If one prefers a nightie, their lace trim gown is a gorgeous and sexy option. Beautiful lace lines the ¾ length sleeves and V-neck, while the empire waist provides easy nursing access while creating a beautiful shape. For late nights and early mornings, this is a beautiful sleepwear option.

Aside from sleepwear, Japanese Weekend is known for their fashionable and functional nursing tops. Being flawlessly designed, their nursing tops work well for all stages of pregnancy and beyond. One will want to continue wearing them long after one’s baby has been weaned! The new soft pleat tunic has a beautiful marbleized print, giving it a unique touch. The V-neck is lined with a matching cami, providing easy nursing access. A side tie underneath the bust accentuates the smallest part of one’s body, creating a beautiful shape that works well both during and after pregnancy. Pair it with leggings or skinny jeans and ballet flats for a casual yet stylish look! Their D&A sash maternity nursing top is another fashionable choice. It is available in a beautiful teal, maroon, or dark blue and features a front tie which discreetly covers front nursing access while providing a flattering shape. It is designed with enough length to fit throughout your pregnancy while still looking good during nursing, and the ¾ length sleeves make it perfect for all seasons. With easy nursing access and stylish designs, Japanese Weekend’s nursing tops are a necessary addition to every expectant and new mother’s wardrobe.

Beautiful dresses are a go-to favorite for many expectant mothers as they are flattering and effortlessly chic. Japanese Weekend has several new designs this season that are both stylish and comfy, including their cap sleeve maternity and nursing dress. The bold amethyst color highlights this season’s jewel toned trend while the unique layering of the V-neck over the cami provides discreet nursing access. Cap sleeves are flattering as is the slimming look of an empire-waist. Perfect for a baby shower, luncheon, or dinner on the town, this dress looks stunning paired with either flats or heels. The sleeveless during and after cross front maternity and nursing dress is another pretty option. Its gentle V-neck flows perfectly into its front cross design which allows for easy nursing access. The wide shoulder straps and gently flow of the dress are flattering. Paired with a cardigan and boots or flats, it makes the perfect office outfit. As the weather gets warmer, wear with simply ballet flats and a bold necklace. One will love how one looks and feels!

From pajamas to dresses, Japanese Weekend truly understands the needs of the modern mother. With clothing designed to flatter one’s changing shape and styles that are classic and long-lasting, one is sure to be happy with one’s maternity and nursing choices.

The History and Design of the American Flag

All Americans know their flag, but we often use different names for our flag, Old Glory, the red white and blue, the Stars and Stripes, or the Star Spangled Banner, yet it is always the same flag. A beautiful banner with a field of silver stars on a blue background in the top left corner, and 13 red and white stripes horizontal on the remainder of the banner.

The thirteen red and white stripes represent the original thirteen colonies of Great Britain that fought for their independence in 1776 and gave the USA its constitution. The silver stars represent the states and territories of the United Stated now, and if other states join we could see more stars added.

At the time of the revolution a group of congressmen including Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Harrison, and Thomas Lynch designed the continental colors, which had the thirteen red and white stripes, but a British Union flag in the canton. After the declaration of independence George Washington asked his friend Betsy Ross if she would create a new flag for the USA, and in 1777 Betsy’s flag was flown for the first time.

As new states joined the US the flag was amended, with every new state being represented in both the number of stars and the number of red and white stripes, so in 1818 President Monroe signed the flag act that defined thirteen red and white stripes, and as many stars as was needed.

The actual arrangement of the stars was never specified, and in museums all over the country visitors can see examples of the Stars and Stripes with different patterns, sometimes a circular field of stars, sometimes horizontal or vertical lines, but this all changed in 1912 when President Taft signed an executive order stating the stars should be in 6 rows of 8 columns, and that each star needed to point to the top of the flag.

After the admission of Alaska and Hawaii into the United States of America in 1959, the flag underwent a final change, two more stars were added, but the Army Institute of Heraldry chose a new layout for the stars, 9 rows of 6 and 5 alternating columns. Today all manufacturers of American flags use this official design.

Hip Hop Clothing Fashion – Spice Up Your Wardrobe and Look Your Best

Once an underground street culture, hip hop clothing has now acquired a prominent place in the mainstream fashion world. If you want to make a style statement, then you have to include hip hop clothing in your wardrobe. There is an assortment of clothes to choose from to make you stand out. This clothing includes a collection of satin dresses and blouses with cap sleeves, halter dresses, tube dresses and blouses with optical prints. Hoodies and baggy jeans are in style for the men and come in a broad assortment of colors and styles. The appeal of hip hop clothing is attributed to the high quality and vibrant colors that can make any fashion savvy man or woman look good.

Today, popular and successful designers are known to charge huge amounts for the hip-hop clothing that they produce. Due to its ever-increasing demand, a number of retailers nowadays are dedicated to the sale of hip-hop clothing and accessories. While hip hop clothes can be quite expensive if bought from designer stores, the quality and variety that you can choose from are well worth the price. A good alternative option to find quality designer clothes is to check out the collections by reputable brands which are available online. The best part is you can find several stores almost simultaneously if you shop online. It is also possible to locate hard-to-find hip-hop sneakers and other apparel on websites exclusively dedicated to them.

Its easy to look good with the funky, stylish hip hop clothes that bring out the fashionable you. . The best part is hip hop clothing is evolving every year. Those who dare will certainly come out on top with a hot fashion statement of their own. If you’re a fan of designer clothes, then don’t forget to check out the collections launched by the hip hop designers each season.

Accessories that go with these clothes include large ornamental belt buckles, fitted caps, and skull and skeleton decorations. T-shirts are now of shorter length so as to expose decorated belts, belt-buckles and biker chains. Therefore a lot of hip-hoppers are choosing to forgo the “baggy” style of dressing, although that still remains relevant. They choose to experiment with colorful, fitted, and hipster-inspired clothing, as seen by hipster-rappers like Will.I. Am, Kanye West, Common and Andre 3000. Others like Pharrell and Lupe Fiasco opt for the tighter-fitting skater-influenced styles. Therefore, though it is still evolving, it is evident that hip-hop fashion will continue to be a major force in designer clothing.

Disney’s Baby Clothing – 3 Classic Themes

Disney has an unsaid & indispensable bond with every American kid. As a result, every household in the US has at least one item that is pertaining to Disney, then, it might be produced by, made by, endorsed by or licensed by Disney.

As a result of this undying & natural affinity, Disney & the kids seem to have a strong bonded relationship that is being carried forward from generations together.

Disney Corporation understands the same and have been producing baby clothing ever since they have been in to the business. The strategy is simple – with every new movie they include this clothing in their merchandise that promotes the main characters of the film. In 1977, George Lucas introduced in this format of marketing. He proved his point when Disney licensed the tie-ups with the Star Wars and sold Star Wars clothing & other merchandise like a hot cake.

Now-a-days with every new Disney movie, the kids know the characters even before the parents have barely heard about them. Sometimes, these titles or the main characters become major hits among the kids but fail to impress the parents like it happened with Bambi. But of course, it is not always true. Usually the characters prove a hit for both the parents as well as the kids. To understand this phenomena better, you compare the sales of Home on the Range as against Finding Nemo. It goes without saying that the products that strike the chord equally with the parents as well as the kids, are the better sellers in the market.

Here are some major Disney hits among kids & babies’ clothing.

1. The Little Mermaid

While it was released 16 years ago, the movie’s characters have marked a milestone among people. The young girls till date love to be Arial – The Little Mermaid. The mothers also love to help their daughters become one. Disney has successfully encashed the character of this ‘titular mermaid. While loads of T-shirts, swimsuits, & varied other items of clothing for babies & children sell big with the ‘Arial’ designs; several other motifs of the film are appreciated by the kids as well as their parents.

2. Finding Nemo

Another intriguing & successful interpretation of the aquatic world by Disney, their latest offering Finding Nemo is selling massive amounts among babies? clothing, especially for the swim wear. Also cool & soothing summer wear for girls as well as boys borrow exclusive designs from the film’s blue toning. A rather interesting fact is that the first look of the ‘infants’ page on the company’s website that is Disney Direct features a one-piece girls’ swim suit based on the theme of the flick, Finding Nemo. The company?s web store says, this is getting rave responses.

3. Classic Characters

Who can forget the beginning of the world of Disney – that is – Mickey Mouse and his sweaty pie, Minnie Mouse. The characters of this series that are Mickey’s friends Goofy & Donald Duck, Donald’s love Daisy Duck, Mickey’s pet Pluto and Minnie Mouse are the all time classic hits of Disney in all regards, then why not kids’ clothing!

Among 20 toddlers playing in a room at least 10 would indispensably be marked with one of these characters or their toys would have one print of the same. It won’t be wrong to say that when it comes to clothe your Mickey & Minnie, these classic characters are a sure & simple choice to go for!

A Review of the CAbi Income Opportunity

I had heard of the CAbi clothing company and that they offered a network marketing plan selling their clothing as a home business, so thought I would check it out and write a review on it.

I first wanted to know about Carol Anderson, the designer. She has been designing clothes for over 25 years with her personal touch. She is a designer that pays a lot of attention to the details and unique styling in her line of clothing.

She started in a garage in Burbank CA in 1977. She loved designing clothes and told some of her friends that she wanted to design her own line of clothing. She was then just out of graduate school when she and her friend Jan January put their $800 together and started a workshop in her garage. They believed that their concept would sell. They focused on great fashion, excellent fit and quality.

In 2001 Carol took her clothing line out of the stores and started to market them with a MLM. She is calling her company CAbi (Carol Anderson by Invitation). The company is based in Rancho Dominguez, California. Carol Anderson’s clothing designs are sold exclusively in homes by CAbi Independent Sales Consultants. From the website I was able to gather that CAbi is enabling women the opportunity for women across the country to help them to make a career that will fit any lifestyle.

I could not find anything else on the career opportunity itself other than the consultant will host clothing shows in the homes of her customers. The consultant, from what I have read in my search, does have to come up with quite an investment to get started and it will take about 3 seasons to really start seeing a great profit. She sets up all the clothing in her inventory to allow the women to try them on. It is hard when there are women of so many different sizes and needs to have something for all of them.

There was a blog that I had come across where she had done an interview with a consultant from the company, but the company found out and made her take it off. The blog was very positive and actually was helping and bringing great advertising for the website and their company. But whether it was the company or they not wanting a consultant representing them, we don’t know. Apparently that consultant is no longer with the company.

They have a website but it runs very slow. The website really does not show anything other than a few models in a few outfits. It is done is a flash video form and takes so long to switch pages. There is only a small paragraph on the career opportunity and the main page that talks about Carol, the designer, does not even finish the line at the bottom of the page.

I came across another blog on CAbi that stated about some information regarding the number of associates being limited by zip code. It seems that Carol does not want this to grow too big, maybe to keep her line limited for the smaller market, not the masses.

Sorry to say I don’t have much more information than this. Information is pretty hard to find on the Internet. If this is the company for you, you may want to call the company directly, that may be the only way to find out anymore.

My Experience With Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans

It can be difficult for full-figured women like me (5′ 6″ and 300+ pounds) to find jeans that fit, flatter our shape, and don’t break our budgets.

Back in the day (and by that I mean even as recently as 20 years ago) there weren’t very many designers catering to full-figured women, and there were even fewer designers producing jeans for plus-size women.

Since I had a limited budget for everything including clothing, I normally shopped the cheap racks for jeans. As long as it fit, didn’t cut off my circulation at the waistband and in the thighs, and didn’t drag on the ground (I’ve got short legs) I was happy, but I was even happier if I could get away with spending $10.00-$25.00 on a pair of jeans.

In my childhood and adolescence I’d worn enough thrift store, rummage sale, secondhand store, yard sale, and garage sale apparel to last me a lifetime, so as an adult I refused to even shop for clothing at those venues. Part of the reason for that was that one piece of clothing that was purchased secondhand turned out to have originally belonged to a school acquaintance of mine, and she pointed that out rather rudely (and of course in front of other people). After that, I figured cheap new clothing was just fine with me.

The first piece of clothing I ever bought that cost over $50.00 was a non-designer short-sleeved burgundy pullover sweater top. I still have that sweater, it has shrunk a bit over the years but I’ve certainly got my money’s worth out of it.

Buying plus size designer jeans (or any other plus size designer clothes) struck me as a total waste of money. Then I found the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. These jeans fit well and looked good on me. My only sticking point was that they cost $57.00 per pair. In my world, I could get jeans for $10.00 to $25.00 – and I could buy nearly 6 pair of the really cheap jeans for what one pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans would run.

I lusted after those jeans. I argued with myself over the price. And finally I broke down and bought one pair of Gloria Vanderbilt plus size designer jeans. I wore them until they fell apart.

I still remember my first last and only pair of Gloria Vanderbilt plus size designer jeans with a lot of fondness. It was the best $57.00 I ever spent.

Create Stylish Throw Pillows From Old Clothes

Don’t throw out those worn-out jeans. Save that damaged cocktail dress. These are the hidden treasures that, combined with some old throw pillows, turn into stylish accents for your home. You can add style to a ho-hum room by simply pulling some old clothes out of your closet. All you need to pull off a low-cost throw pillow makeover are some basic tools:

– Old pillows

– Old clothes

– A   cloth  tape measure

– Old newspaper or tissue paper

– A sewing machine

– A properly sized sewing machine needle

– Matching thread

– Matching zipper

Before you start collecting your supplies, it’s a good idea to consider the look you want to create. What is the style of the room you are adding these accent pillows to? Formal, Victorian, country, sophisticated, rustic-each of these decorating schemes demand a different kind of accent.

Here are some tips for picking the right clothes for different decorating schemes:

Formal: Choose clothes that have sophisticated textures-silks, damasks, jacquards, velvets. Clothing designs that have simple, classic lines will make pillow covers that have the necessary elegance to fit within a formal living room or bedroom.

Victorian: Choose clothes with tucks, ruffles and/or lace. Plain silks and velvets are typical Victorian fabrics. Taffeta and chintz are also typical Victorian fabrics. Look for embroidery that uses silk thread. Victorian embroidery is usually glossy.

Country: Choose clothes in natural fabrics. Checks, plaids, solids and florals all fit well in a country theme. Ruffles are common and less delicate forms of lace are seen everywhere. Look for garments that combine these elements. And don’t overlook the potential of denim in all the many colors it comes in. Country embroidery is usually cotton or wool.

Sophisticated: Choose clothes with shiny finishes. Metallics, sequins, and leathers can all say cutting edge. These fabrics are sometimes more difficult to work with, but choosing the right sewing machine needle can make a major difference.

Rustic: Choose clothes that have an outdoors’ man feel. Tweeds, wools, coarse weaves, and suede support a rustic ambiance. Distressed leather and sweater knits also say rustic. Denim may fit into this look as well.

Once you have chosen the right clothes. The next step is to decide whether you want to use a zipper, overlap the fabric at the back of the pillow, or hand stitch the opening closed. I prefer using an invisible zipper for square and rectangular pillows, because it’s also a lot easier to figure measurements and I can wash the covers if necessary. I can also design my pillows to be viewed two ways. When I feel in the mood for the more decorative side, I can have that side facing out. When my mood changes, I can flip the pillow to a plain version.

Now, it’s time to take measurements. I take a  cloth  tape measure and measure the width and height of the throw pillow. I add one inch to each of these measurements. This provides 1/2-inch of ease all around, so the cover isn’t too tight. I like to make a paper pattern using old newspaper or tissue paper. That way I can divide the pattern into pieces.

It’s rare to find a garment that will let you cut out a square in one piece. This is where creativity comes in. If you divide your pattern into pieces, you can create a unique pillow cover that takes advantage of any special seams or design elements in the garment. For example, you can position a pocket somewhere on the pillow (even one that was hidden in the seam). The only rule that you must remember is that every edge of the pattern piece needs a seam allowance. I recommend that you add 1/2-inch or 5/8-inch. You can use notches to mark which pieces match each other.

You will need two faces for each pillow-front and back. Before you can assemble the pillow cover, you have to sew each face completely so it forms one square (or rectangle or circle). Now, using an invisible zipper foot, stitch one side of the zipper to the front piece, with the zipper to the side you want facing out. Then match the back piece so the zipper lines up properly and stitch the other side in place. Now you can stitch the two halves together. If you have any questions, look at the instructions for installing an invisible zipper in a garment. I find that if I start at the bottom of the zipper and stitch all the way around the pillow until I reach the zipper pull, I get good results. Just remember to leave the zipper open, or you will have trouble turning the cover right side out. Trim bulk out of the corners and turn right side out. Insert the pillow, zip, and you have a neat, stylish pillow that looks good from either side.

If you prefer to have an overlap on the back side of the pillow, make two copies of your pattern. Cut the second pattern in half. Add four inches along the cut edge. After you cut the fabric, fold two inches of the fabric to the wrong side on each piece. Stitch the raw edge in place. Now, overlap the two pieces so that they are the same size as the front piece. Sew together along the outside edges. Trim bulk out of the corners and turn right side out. Insert the pillow, and you have a stylish new accent pillow for almost no cost.

If you decided to stitch your pillow cover closed and use neither a zipper nor an overlap, place the front and back pieces together, right sides touching. Stitch around the outside edges, leaving an opening that is about 4-inches smaller than the pillow’s measurement on that edge. Trim out the bulky corners, turn right side out, and insert the pillow. Slip stitch the opening closed by hand.

There you have it. Stylish pillows that you would never find anywhere else. You will be the envy of all your friends.