Designer Wedding Dresses – The Couture Details Every Bride Wants

There are three things that every bride-to-be should consider before she goes shopping for her wedding dress. The first is her budget, the second is the season, and the third is the wedding theme. In this article we will discuss a few simple tips that will help you select the right designer dress.

Where to Begin?

Believe it or not, one of the most difficult decisions every bride-to-be must make is where to shop for her new dress. Almost without exception, she will be besieged by suggestions from friends and family about where she should shop. There are bridal boutiques, online boutiques, designer showrooms, department stores and virtual auctions to choose from.

The fastidious bride-to-be can find the perfect dress at any of the aforementioned. However, it may not be a great idea to purchase a dress before seeing it in person, i.e., on the Internet. There are simply too many unknowns, and even if the price is right, alterations are almost always required when you buy a dress online.

Most women who have never shopped for a wedding dress before have no idea how expensive it is to hire a seamstress to make even minor alterations. So, that deal that looked so good on your computer screen might end up costing you lots of extra money.

What’s a good alternative? Department and discount stores often offer a nice selection, but they are not specialists. The business that can cover all of your wedding day needs is a bridal boutique. Also known as bridal salons, they are the closest thing to a one-stop option the industry has to offer. Not only do they sell a full range of designer wedding dresses, but they also offer dresses and accessories for the entire bridal party, including the bridesmaids, the flower girls and the mothers of the bride and groom.

Designer Wedding Dresses

Most women that want a more formal wedding order a designer dress. The cost of these gowns depends, of course, upon the reputation of the designer and the number alterations that must be made to the basic design. One reason that designer dresses are far more popular for formal weddings is because they take several months to complete. On average, it takes between four and nine months to deliver a designer wedding dress. That is why most shotgun and Vegas brides buy off the rack.

So, if you have always wanted a designer dress, you must plan ahead. Most recently engaged women begin by taking a trip to their local bridal store with a few of their friends/future bridesmaids. It may take several visits to finally decide on a design, especially if you don’t know what you want. Consider a few of these helpful suggestions.


As you may be aware, most designer wedding dresses are quite heavy, even without a train. Now, this might be perfectly appropriate for a formal indoor wedding in the fall or the winter, but what if you have planned an outdoor wedding in the middle of August? Obviously, that heavy dress could begin to get a bit uncomfortable after a few hours.

Since summer is the most popular season for nuptials, it is often important to pay close attention to the fabric and materials. For a summer wedding, especially if it is being held outdoors, your best options include lighter, cooler fabrics like crepe and chiffon over velvet or satin.


As with any full gown, different body shapes and types are flattered by different cuts. Again, this is one of the main reasons bridal shops are preferable to a department or discount store. The experienced wedding consultants at these establishments will be able to tell you at first glance which cut will flatter your figure. Trying to do this on your own may result in a major fashion f aux pas.

Motif or Theme

The motif or theme is almost always dictated by the setting, which is often dictated by the season. For example, if you have planned an outdoor wedding, then you will want a dress that is not too heavy or hot under the summer sun.

But the motif can affect more than just the fabric of your designer wedding dress. It may also influence the style. Sticking with the beach wedding example, a long flowing gown with a train would not work on sand, for obvious reasons. Therefore, the bride might opt for a much shorter hemline and maybe even a backless or strapless number.


The average designer dress costs between one and two thousand dollars, depending on the designer, of course. Another important consideration is the accessories. Many brides-to-be like to shine on their special day, and this may require special additions that must be hand-applied to the dress. Crystals, sequins and even pearls may be added to a designer wedding dress. As you might expect, this will also add a few hundred dollars to the final bill.

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding ceremony depends on many variables and any choice would be well served by plenty of diligent research.

Safety Tips For Your Best Kitchen Knives

You work hard day after day to save the money that you need so that you can have the best of everything that you want and can afford! We all want the best of everything as it is just human nature to want the best of everything. If you are like me, the kitchen is your favorite place in the house and you love to cook just like me and that means that you also want to get the best kitchen knives possible for your culinary adventures. Along those lines you will also want to learn how to take care of those knives so that they will last a lifetime. Kitchen knives are tools like any other tool you can use and they have a specific purpose, also they require a certain amount of maintenance and care to stay in top performing condition.

Here are some straightforward simple tips that will allow you to have your best kitchen knives give you a lifetime of service.

1. Do not cut anything on a surface that is not designed to be cut on. An unsuitable surface can damage your knives primary cutting edge. Use a proper kitchen cutting board only. A hard rock maple cutting board is the best.

2. When you are done with your cutting and chopping chores make sure that you wash your kitchen knives in hot soapy water and hand dry them with a lint free towel or cloth. Many people just throw the knives in the dishwasher and this is the worst thing you can do to your kitchen knives. The phosphates from the dish soap and the heat from the dishwasher itself will dull your knives primary cutting edges and destroy the grips of your knives as well knives guaranteed! Wash by hand only and be careful!

3. Don’t use any kind of abrasive powder or any type of scouring pad on your knives. There is absolutely nothing that can’t be cleaned off of your knives by hot water and liquid soap and a sponge or wash cloth. The abrasive powders and pads will only succeed in scratching the surface/profiles of your knives and in turn the abrasives will dull your primary cutting edge as well.

4. Most knives today are made of stainless steel of different varieties, but “stainless” only means that a knife will “stain-less.” No knife is totally stainless or stain free. Knives will discolor and/or tarnish with time if not cleaned and maintained properly especially after cutting acidic foods such as lemons, peppers, and tomatoes. This discoloration can be treated with a good quality metal polish and lint free towel or cloth to bring the original shine and luster back to your knives.

5. A sharp knife is safer then a dull knife so don’t let your best kitchen knives go dull or blunt. Learn how to sharpen your knives with one of the many ways that a knife can be sharpened such as bench stones/whetstones, electric knife sharpeners, guided sharpening systems and carbide sharpeners. Keeping your knives sharp means they never get dull. The army used to teach that “A knife is your best friend.” Your kitchen knives are your best friends in the kitchen. Keep them sharp!

6. Don’t try to cut frozen foods with your kitchen knives. Defrost your food in the microwave first. don’t be impatient! Never try to use your kitchen knives to cut bone. Your knives are used for cutting and chopping. If you need to cut bone then get a meat cleaver. Trying to cut bone or frozen foods will only dull and chip your blades and you don’t want to do that to your best kitchen knives.

7. IMPORTANT: Keep your knives out of the reach of your children and store them in a safe and secure place like a locked kitchen drawer or in a knife block or magna bar high enough from the floor and counters to prevent your children from reaching them. Make sure that when you are done using your knives that they are secured. I prefer a kitchen drawer with a lock on it and blade guards on each of my knives. I know this can be a bit of a hassle, but we are talking about the safety of our children

Wholesale Designer Handbags – How to Become Part of the Hottest Business on the Net,

It is said, to be successful in selling, you must be passionate about what you sell. This is easy if you love designer handbags and fashion. Fashion is a huge industry. Wholesale designer handbags and fashion is also quickly becoming a very large and profitable industry.

But as good as it sounds, there are many things to know before you jump in and become a designer handbag wholesaler.

The most important issue you must understand is the manufacturing and distribution channels of the top designers. The production of designer handbags is almost a top-secret event. With the heavy competition between the designers to offer the latest and hottest trends for the up coming season, handbag manufacturers keep quite about their production runs, the quantity they will produce and orders must be placed two or three seasons in advance just to get any product. What does this mean to you, the wholesaler? It means that you cannot call up GUCCI or Hermes and ask for a couple hundred bags and expect to not get laughed at (in Italian of French of course). It also means that the top designer handbag manufacturers only supply their product to large retailers, small boutiques and maybe a website with an exclusive contract.

So where do all the handbags that you see for sale online come from? Well, that is the key to getting into the wholesale designer handbag business. Most of the bags come from intentional or unintentional overstock by the small to medium size boutiques oversees. They will sell off their surplus of last season’s handbags to distributors who will then sell them to wholesalers. It is your goal to find these distributors.

To find reputable, honest dealers who distribute authentic merchandise is tricky. There are a couple of things to consider.

**Most dealers that sell designers from Italy, France and England are not found in the US. It only makes sense. They need to have a close relationship with the boutiques, and very rarely the manufacturers themselves, that supply them with their overstock. So become familiar with what country the handbags you want to sell were originally produced.

**Learn the language. You will need to learn a little Italian or French. Just enough to understand colors, styles and shapes of the handbags when you are given an inventory list. It would also be good to know enough to at least say hello and what your intentions are when initially contacting the dealer. Learning the language is also extremely helpful when conducting searches on the internet. Don’t limit your search to pages here in the US, search Google and yahoo in Italian and French as well.

**Contact as many dealers as possible. This will help to validate which ones are honest and have an interest in a business relationship. Once you have received the inventory/price list from several dealers, cross reverence them. Are the prices similar? Are the quantities on hand reasonable? This is important to gage if the dealer is selling authentic merchandise. If he has 600 of a particular bag, chances are they are not real. It is not reasonable, given the means in which he most likely purchases his stock and the production methods of the manufacturing, that he would have so many of one style.

**Understand all terms of sale prior to placing an order. It is not uncommon that the dealer will want a deposit on your order. You will usually commit 30% up front and pay the remainder when the items have shipped. Many dealers will only accept bank transfers. This is where becoming a designer handbag wholesaler takes a great deal of faith. A bank transfer offers no protection from the dealer taking your money and never shipping product. If he was dishonest and took the funds, but shipped nothing, you could have very little recourse. Unlike a money order or credit card purchase, there is no 3rd party protection. At the least, make sure you have the dealers phone number, complete business address and email address.

Of course, like with all start-up business, there are many, many more things to consider. But to make your search for the right distributor easier, we highly recommend going to Unlike the many lists and directories that claim to offer true sources for authentic designer handbags, has used, or contacted, all of the sources on their Supplier Database.

If you have a passion for fashion and are looking to start your own lucrative business, wholesale authentic designer handbags is a great business opportunity.

Slot Punches – Why Are They So Important?

If you make your own ID cards then you must have a slot punch. Slot punches are used to make the hole or slot in ID cards so they can be attached to the hardware that attaches them to your clothing, belts, etc. You will need to have this device to make your cards look professional. It will also prevent the card from splitting because trying to use any other type method for making a slot would crack and split the card.

These devices can make slots of different sizes to accommodate any size badge. Of course, the type of slot punch machine that you have will determine what options you have when it comes to size and shape of the slot. Each device is designed with certain features that are used for different types of badges.

Types of Card Punches

There are several different styles of punches deigned for identification cards. For instance, some card punch machines are designed to make round corners that are needed for many styles, some make round holes and others make slots. Below are the four main types of punches available along with a brief description of each.

·Table top punch – The table top slot punch type is the best choice if you need to use it often. You set it according to the size you need which will depend on the type of badge you use.

·Hand-held punch – The hand-held punch is the simplest to use. It is the best option for when you need to use this type of device occasionally.

·Stapler punch – The stapler style is used mostly in the office type work environment. You can buy light-weight or heavy-duty designs depending on how often you need to use this type of device.

·Electric punch – For the business that uses different size ID badges or that uses them often the electric punch is a great option. All you do is set the controls and the machine does the rest.

Each type of slot puncher listed above comes in different styles and sizes so you have a variety of options to choose from after deciding what type you need.

Basic Information

The slot punch machine is an ingenious device that perfected the ID card and helped to make them as popular as they are. How else would you have all the different options of attaching them to your clothing, lanyards, belts and so on? Without this device you would have to keep your ID in your pocket, wallet or purse. It would make it difficult for security to do their checks and employees would be spending more time fooling around looking for their badge when they need it.

These devices are affordable and easy to use. Any company that wants to make their own identification badges must have one before they can supply their employees with professional cards to represent their business. There is no doubt about it slot punches are worth every dime that you pay for them and will certainly make a difference. Without them, the ID badge just wouldn’t be the same.

How to Dress Well

Recently I’ve realized that most (not all) dudes go about their daily lives not really caring at all about how they dress or how they look. I know, trust me. I was one of them once. I personally feel that if you want to be taken seriously or you want to stand out, or possibly be noticed more by the opposite sex, you need to know how to dress well. Again, trust me. I know. The first time I wore a tie out into the world (excluding bar mitzvahs and funerals) I got hit on. Now that I think about it, that was also probably the first time I’d ever really gotten hit on… That was when it all started coming together. Since then, I think I’ve come to learn a lot about how dress myself and ultimately how to dress well.

First things first. In order to understand how to dress well, you need to first and foremost understand your body type and how to dress accordingly to it. This is probably the most important thing. No matter if you’re underweight, overweight or average, you need to understand the fact that everyone is different and you have a certain body type and you absolutely have to OWN IT. If you’re skinny like me, you do not need to wear overly baggy clothing. It will just make you look even skinnier. You need to wear ‘fitted’ clothing that will flatter your body type. Everyone knows I’m skinny, it’s not like it isn’t obvious. I don’t need to try hide it by wearing bigger clothes. As a guy, you want your clothes to be fitted for the most part. The same thing goes with being overweight. When I say ‘fitted’, I’m not referring to skin-tight. I just mean clothes that actually FIT your body but still give you some (but not too much) breathing room. You don’t want baggy pants that make you look like a clown and you also don’t want pants so tight that you look like a thirteen year old emo kid (sorry thirteen year old emo kid reading this).

Once you have that down, you need to understand how to “dress for the occasion”. This may seem like a no-brainer to most people, but I’ll say it anyway. If you’re not at the gym, or out playing some kind of sport, DO NOT WEAR ATHLETIC CLOTHING. It makes you look lazy. When I say athletic wear, I mean basketball shorts, under armour, sweat bands, or a ridiculous calf high sock + tennis shoe combo. Realize where you’re actually going before you even leave the house. If you’re going out to a bar with some other dudes, you don’t need to wear a three piece suit… unless you want to pass out from heat exhaustion, then by all means. Send me a snapshot or two. Regardless, knowing how to dress for the occasion is a very simple rule that will make your entire social life easier. I hope by now you’re beginning to grasp the sad fact that you can’t wear your “Fuck You Flip Flops” to a five star restaurant.

Moving forward. I’m going to tell you to do something you had never even thought about. ACCESSORIZE. I know this sounds pretty weird if you’re a guy, but it’s true. Girls talk about this shit all the time: “accessories can make or break an outfit”. Again, weird but true. Just wearing a basic v-neck and a pair of jeans today? No problem, add a nice watch or a bracelet or two. Maybe even a sick necklace. This will give people the illusion that you actually tried and thought about your outfit, when you really didn’t put much effort into it at all! Do yourself a favor and invest in a few bracelets and a necklace or two. You can get them from H&M, Topman, asos, YesStyle or even eBay. Trust me, you won’t look back. I would also definitely recommend investing in a nice stylish watch that you can wear everyday that will make you stand out. I have the Jeremy Scott x Swatch Winged Watch. You can even add a pair of sunglasses, a cool hat or even a scarf. I can’t pull a hat off though. I think my head is too small. Maybe I should just buy hats in Asia…

Now I’m going to unlock the final secret for you. I’m making this so easy. If you really want to look incredible without even trying, you need to understand this one thing: LAYERING. Knowing how to layer is a key part of knowing how to dress well. Layers work magic when it comes to dressing for those important interviews, dates, meetings, walking 5th avenue, etc. Remember, you don’t want to look too formal. What you need for your bottoms are: a pair of dress pants or chinos, some casual dress shoes and a belt. Here’s where the layers come into play: the top. To look really good, you want at least three layers. That means a button down shirt or t shirt, a tie or necklace, and some sort of outerwear. Whether it’s a blazer, vest, coat/jacket/cardigan or whatever. This will honestly make you look like a celebrity stylist dressed you or something. It’s that serious.

I know this may all sound like a lot to some of you. The best tip I can give you is this: don’t worry about going out and buying an entirely new wardrobe. Buy one or two key pieces at a time. It’ll save you money and time in the long run, and it’ll keep you from ever having to suffer through an entire day of shopping for a ton of pointless/basic things. More importantly, make sure everything you take home with you makes you feel good about yourself.

Learn About Bungalow House Plans – Free Resources

Bungalow house plans are quickly returning as a desired home style. Bungalow house plans originally came from western areas of the United States but quickly drew interest from southern and northern area families. The original bungalow houses were quite small and only a single storey in height. Bungalows often had wide verandas across the front or wrapping around the house providing additional family gathering areas. Today bungalows are still considered to be single stories but may include partial second floors or loft areas.

The popularity of bungalow floor plans is often the result of the desired convenience of having all the main living areas on one floor. In some cases it may be a requirement of necessity as the absence of stairs makes the floor plans well suited to those who are aging, have limited mobility or are confined to a wheelchair.

Bungalow floor plans come in a wide range of sizes from small, compact plans suitable for inner city lots to large, sprawling plans that take advantage of country locations. Therefore bungalows can be considered suitable floor plans for any type of homeowner – young or old, single or married, large families or small.

The smaller bungalow plans will be designed with strict, efficient use of all space as was typical in the original traditional bungalow designs. Simplicity of design is essential in creating a functional small bungalow plan. These plans can provide comfortable living spaces with all the current household conveniences that families are looking for while allowing for an ease of maintenance and smaller lot considerations. Smaller bungalow plans are suitable for individual homeowners or small families. They are often considered as ‘starter’ homes for families but are often found to be so efficiently designed accommodating grown families is possible.

Larger bungalow floor plans have become very popular in recent years. These floor plans provide families with designs that include more elaborate spaces in which to entertain, relax or engage in family activities. Often these larger plans may include separate ‘wings’ to allow for privacy between bedroom areas and active living spaces. Active living spaces may now include mini gyms, game rooms, home theaters and hobby spaces. In areas where construction practices include full basements bungalows with fully developed basement areas are extremely common. This helps to offset the more expensive aspect of bungalow construction. Since bungalows require more foundation and roof area on a per unit basis (per sq.ft, per sq.M) than the same living space in a two storey, bungalows are more expensive to construct. By retaining the convenience of all the daily living spaces on one floor and adding the amenities and/or extra bedrooms in the basement level the footprint can be kept smaller and maintain cost.

Bungalows can be designed in any style of exterior architectural design. Traditional exterior styles will customarily be Craftsman, Prairie, Shingle or Colonial designs. Typically clad in natural materials and finished in earthy color schemes these styles all offer wonderful attributes for a comfortable family home and blend suitably in most surroundings.

Bungalows are also well defined by Modern, Post Modern and International styles of architecture. These styles will consist of strong yet simple forms enhanced with edgy detailing. Finishing materials will be clean and smooth with possible textured or boldly colored accents. These styles offer the discriminating homeowner opportunity to make a contemporary lifestyle statement.

FIT – The Patented Fabric of Nike

In 1989, Nike Company launched four types of fabrics, namely Dri-FIT, Therma-FIT, Clima-FIT and Storm-FIT. Here F stands for functional, I for innovative and T for technology. These fabrics can help a sportsman resist hot and cold weather, withstand storm and snow and handle the sweat.


The fabric of Dri-FIT can discharge sweat rapidly. You will feel comfortable if you wear the clothes made of this fabric to do exercise. The particular Dri-FIT superfine fiber can discharge moisture by virtue of the siphon action. The moisture is discharged to the surface of the garment and then vaporized. When you wear this kind of garment, Dri-FIF sticks to the skin. It discharges sweat perfectly and make you feel very comfortable. Nike DRI FIF is the best lining material. Its features are as follows:

1 It is made of superfine fiber.

2 It can discharge sweat to the outer layer of the garment and then evaporate it to keep the garment dry.

3 It is light and thin.

4 It can be dried rapidly.

5 It is cool and comfortable to wear.

6 It is the best lining material.


The fabric of Therma-FIT is lighter and thinner than any other textiles, yet it can keep warm very well. If a garment is made of Therma-FIT and its lining is made of Dri-FIT, it must be perfect in perspiring and keeping warm. You can wear this garment to run, ski, climb a mountain or do other kinds of training exercises. Its features are as follows:

1 It is made of superfine fiber.

2 It is thin and light.

3 It can guard against cold air and wind.

4 It can keep warm very well.


The fabric of Clima-FIT is water proof. It is made of the breathable superfine fiber. Water can’t seep in it easily. However, it can discharge sweat effectively. It is especially designed for the sportsman to run or play golf. Its features are as follows:

1 It can keep off wind and rain.

2 It is light.

3 It has good breathability. The close-knit fiber can keep water from seeping in, yet it can discharge sweat out of the body easily.


The fabric of storm-FIT is water proof. There is a layer of water proof film covering on the surface of the super fine fiber so that it can guard against rain, snow and hail. When you take high-energy activities, such as skiing, sailing, hiking and running, you may sweat a lot. If you wear a clothes made of Storm-FIT, the sweat can be discharged easily. Its features are as follows:

1 It is especially designed to be worn in stormy weather.

2 It has good breathability. Although water can’t seep in it easily, yet it can absorb sweat from your skin and discharge it outside of the garment.

3 It can guard against water, wind and snow.

4 If you match it with a Nike Therma-FIT or Dri-FIT clothes, the effect of discharging sweat and keeping warm will be better.

World Without End: Board Game Review

Game Overview

World Without End is a traditional Euro-style strategy board game, thematically built around events taking place in the fictional village of Kingsbridge, from 1337 to 1361, nearly 200 years after building of the imposing cathedral known as The Pillars of the Earth. Players take the roles of merchants, farmers and builders striving for wealth and prestige while living a pious and loyal life. The object of the game is to gain the most victory points. These are gained mainly by taking part in various building projects and by taking care of the inhabitants of Kingsbridge that are strikken by the plague, known as Black Death. However, life in Kingsbridge is not an easy one. Players have to continuously struggle to gain enough food, show loyalty to the church and the crown, pay taxes and deal with sudden misadventures that occur randomly during the cource of the game.

The most important component of this game is a huge, four-panel gameboard of superb quality, depicting Kingsbridge and its surrounding lands. On the game board there are several locations such as:

  • production spaces: the Quarry (producing stone), the forest (producing wood) and the fields (producing grain)
  • various building sites in which players can contribute with stone or wood and gain victory points
  • the village of Kingsbridge with its houses and market. Some of the families fall ill during the plague and can be healed, granting VPs and various bonuses. In the market, players can trade wool and cloth for money.

The game takes place in 4 chapters (time periods) each consisting of 6 rounds.Each chapter represents a time span of a few years, during which players take part in various building projects, thus gaining precious victory points while also having to deal with several unexpected events. At the end of each chapter, all players have certain obligations. Failing to meet them, costs victory points and additional penalties occurring at the beginning of the next chapter. In each round the same sequence of actions occurs:

  1. The active player (the one who has the active player token) reveals an Event card. Events can be immediate or have a lasting effect till the end of the chapter.
  2. After resolving an immediate event, the event card is oriented on a special city council space on the top edge of the game board. The active player chooses an orientation that fits his current goals, as it affects two elements in the game: each player’s personal income as well as a special bonus for the active player only.
  3. Players receive their personal income according to the card’s orientation.
  4. The active player receives his special bonus as he has the favour of either the Prior / Prioress, the King / Queen, the Guild Master, the Merchnats, the Earl of Shiring, the Bishop or the Outlaws
  5. Beginning with the active player, each player plays an action card. All players have the same set of 12 action cards. These actions include: selling wool or cloth at the market, exchanging wool for cloth (which is more valuable), building a house that provides a bonus when rented, rent up to 2 houses, getting a grain, getting a resource (wood or stone), getting piety from the cathedral, taking care of ill people, taking part in a building project contributing wood or stone, or repeating the action chosen in the previous round. In this phase, players choose a card to play and they discard another one. This way, during the whole chapter, they will play 6 actions and discard the rest.

At the end of the chapter, players have the following mandatory obligations: Show that they live a virtuous and pious life by paying 2 piety, show that they have enough food to sustain themselves by paying 2 grain, and pay a tax. In order to determine the amount of tax, the active player throws a dice. Upon failing to fulfil one or more of the above duties, players lose victory points and suffer additional penalties which occur at the beginning of the following chapter such as losing their income in the first round of the next chapter or playing one less action card. It is possible to avoid the additional penalty by paying 1 Loyalty.

At the beginning of the third chapter, the plague hits the village and certain plague counters are placed, face down, on each house of Kingsbridge, Each round, a family in one of the houses may fall ill and can be cured, using the appropriate action card to give victory points plus other bonuses to the players who choose this action. In order to take care of the ill, players must have enough medical knowledge.

Now let’s go through our usual scoring categories:


All components of the game are very beautiful and of high quality. The game board is visually stunning, with the village of Kingsbridge and its surrounding lands beautiful drawn, making the players get the feel of England in the 14th century.

Resources (wood, stone, grain, wool, cloth) are made of wood, appropriately coloured. They also have shapes that resemble their real form, especially grain and cloth. That is somewhat rare in a standard edition of a game. Houses are also made of wood and have the shape of houses, in each player’s colour. All other components: piety and loyalty markers, cover markers, money and medical knowledge are made of thick cardboard with attention to detail and with appropriate shapes as well. Action and event cards are made of thick paper and they deserve a special mention. Their are elaborately designed and their background has the visual feel of paper used in the Middle Ages That apllies to the players’ screens as well. All in all, components will satisfy even the most demanding gamer. Thumbs up to Michael Menzel, responsible for the game’s artwork and graphics. 9/10


World Without End has rich gameplay and depth that will challenge strategy game lovers. Luck plays a role in the game but not in a way that can spoil a player’s strategy (at least not entirely). After all, life is full of surprises and things cannot always go as planned. I think this is the concept the designers had in mind when they decided to incorporate the Event cards in the game. Some of them are really frustrating and can mess up your plans but think of it as a challenge to your mental skills. Plus they enhance the replayability factor. The are eleven event cards for each chapter and in each game you choose randomly which six of them will be included. This way, each game is different from every other. The game is all about maintaining an, often fragile, balance between catering for food supplies, money and piety, which are the duties all players have at the end of the chapter. And between all these, struggling for resource gathering and gaining victory points by taking part in building projects. A design element that some people may object to, is the way personal income is determined: by our opponents. It could be regarded as another element of luck but I think it makes the game more interesting and unpredictable. Never during any of my games, have I felt that my fate was in the hands of random events or luck. Each player takes their turn in orienting an Event card which is a good opportunity to get what he needs plus the additional bonus of the favour. Moreover by manipulating action cards as well as houses, it seems that you can be in control of your strategy. That is easier in 2-player games than in 4-player because in 2-player games you will be controlling your income 50% of the time, whereas in 4-player, only 25% of the time. As for player interaction, there is not much of it in this game. Opponents’ resources are hidden behind special screens so you must pay attention to what other players get and need. The only way you can interfere with their plans is by orienting an event card in a way that they don’t get something they need. However in most occasions you will be consumed in your own problems and orient the card so that you get what you want. In fact you don’t reallly have the time or the urge to bother with what other players do, you have enough troubles of your own There are so many things to do in this game, that you can’t easily get bored of it. I am always willing to play a game of World Without End at any given board gaming night. 8/10

Learning Curve

Though the game is not very complex and there is really not much to do in every round, it takes a little time to get accustomed with all game components and with the game’s strategic elements. World Without End is rather easy to learn but difficult to master. What will especially puzzle you at first is what your priorities must be. There is so much to do that decisions about orientating the event cards and playing your actions will be hard. After playing your first game, you will probably get the whole picture and you will start doing much better and appreciate its depth. 7/10


World Without End is a thematic game. This element is strongly supported by the text printed in italics on event cards, that descibes a particular event from the book and by the formidable gameboard that brings the book’s world to life. All the mechanics are also tied to the theme, from selling wool in the market, to healing ill people and the sudden occurrence of events that influence life in the village. If you have read the book, you will appreciate the game more but even if you haven’t and you are looking for a Eurogame game with a strong theme, this game is definitely for you 9/10


The game’s depth and versatility guarantees that you will not easily lose interest in it. The random event cards as well the way personal income is determined ensure that no two games will be the same. Ι am, personally, more than willing to play World Without End at any given time. 7/10


It’s not fun, in a way that you will laugh while playing it, nor will it trigger humorous comments between players. But I consider it being fun by challenging one’s mind to overcome obstacles and manipulate the mechanics of the game in the most resourceful way in order to win. However, whining about misfortunes due to event cards can be kind of fun, don’t you think?. 7/10


  • Beautiful components
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Nice theme
  • Equally good with any number of players


  • Some may be annoyed by the luck factor or the way income is determined

According to our new scoring system, scoring categories have different weights. Components have 15% weight, Gameplay 40%, Learning curve 5%, Theme 5%, Replayability 25%, Fun 10%. According to this system and the above scoring in each category, overall weighted scoring of the game is:

Overall: 7.8

Creating Your Own Wardroom for the Fashionable Lady

If you’re the creative and constantly changing lady like I am, you might have already ventured out into sewing your own clothing. With the endless tutorials and online lessons on sewing, not to mention the new resources for the best patterns in fabric, the possibilities are endless to create the wardroom of your dreams for a fraction of the costs.

If you never have even touched a needle and thread before, even to replace a button, never fear. Sewing is a lot easier than you might imagine. And with the internet as your guide, you have every stitch and trick at the click of a mouse. There are some simple points to think about when starting to sew your own clothing.

Don’t be afraid to reuse your old Clothing. Even my ever ending collection of t-shirts made a great pair of yoga pants for running errands in. Simple cutting og t-shirts can turn a man’s style shirt into a flattering top. Re-dying faded jeans or pants can bring back life like you just brought them home. Adding creative patches or fabric under torn jeans, or even embroidering something simple on the pockets. There is a lot of the new life hiding in your old closet.

Patterns are shapes, not the final projects. It is partially difficult for me to wear some patterns, so I am very limited on floral or other design patterns in my fabrics. When purchasing patterns, most of the time the finishing product on the front shows large flowers. It is important to try to visualize the finished skirt in the colors your wanting to fill your closet with. I rarely purchase expensive patterns, other than the occasional Vogue that I can pass up, but mainly the simple to sew patterns and simpler patterns. has a great collection of PDF patterns for half the cost.

There is a Pattern For Everything. There is no limit to the patterns that you can find for more than just clothing. I alone have a massive collection of patterns for bags, shoes, make up bags, wallets, hats, hair pieces and much more. Sites like or are main stream for ideas and thoughts from other seamstress.

Plan Your Wardroom. It is an adventure when starting to learn to sew and be creative. You will make mistakes and therefore before taking that sweater that you love the pattern but hate the shape and make it into a vest, practice on something else first. And take your time with any project. Planning ahead for events is the best, I mean like months. You know you will need that little black dress in the future, make it today. You don’t want to get invited to a party and have only two nights to make the cutest dress in the room. If your active and always running around town to handle affairs, then you might want to focus most of your wardroom for those clothing. Don’t be afraid of making a sewing check list to organize your projects and ideas.

Sewing your own wardroom has so many advantages. Leslie Collins of Riverside, California has been sewing for a number of events and styles for years. She even has spent some years sewing for the Renaissance Pleasure Fair costumes, then later on for a lot of the local theater clothing while performing for the Shakespeare Group.

“The possibilities are endless when it comes to sewing your own clothing,” she tells me as she opens her handmade bag, “if you cant find that perfect bag for your laptop then you can just make it yourself. It doesn’t take long and the longer you sew the more creative your can get.”

Various Styles of Long Evening Gowns to Complete the Look This Season

Some people say that clothes define who you are while others say that your personality is what defines you. Regardless of which category you fall in, you might agree that clothes definitely help you make a lasting first impression, especially if you are going to an event such as a party, engagement, wedding, or any other formal setting. When it comes to attending an event, it is a smart and fashionable idea to select designer party wear gowns; however, it is important to know the type of gown you should wear according to your body type, style and occasion in order to make a style statement.

Ball Gown

Known among one of the most regal dresses, a ballroom gown will definitely make you feel like a princess. These gowns are definitely timeless and will make you look stunning. You may wear them at your wedding reception, engagement party, or in a formal event. These gowns will also suit your body type if you are petite or tall because the bell shape gives it a balanced look on the legs, while the skim-cut bodice trims the waist.


This long gown with sleek design will enhance your curves and will make you look extremely stunning. It is great for formal evenings such as a party in a hotel or a classic dance event. These gowns are also great for someone who is not very tall, but is planning to give the effect.

Traditional Gown

This is among the most popular designer long evening gowns. It is a full length Anarkali looking gown that often comes with a salwar; however, the salwar is not visible. It is most popular among women during their weddings or more ethical events. If you are attending an Indian traditional event but want to experiment with your clothes by wearing something other than a saree or a salwar suit, this is an extremely stylish option with a blend of western and traditional style.

Apart from the aforementioned, you may also get a mermaid gown, a straight gown, and an A-line gown for your event. While buying designer long evening gowns, it is important for you to keep the time of the day in mind and select a color according to that. Also, it is important to accessorize the gown in order to complete the look. You may use a beautiful clutch, earrings, a bracelet, and a pair of stylish heels to get a stunning look.