Baby Bedding

Baby bedding is an often-overlooked aspect of setting up a nursery, yet it is critically important for your baby’s health and safety. When buying furniture and accessories for the baby’s room, safety is the most overriding concern. Buy the best quality merchandise you can afford and you’ll get years of service from your baby furniture, bedding and other items.

So, what do you need for the baby’s room? Before you buy bedding, you’ll need a crib, changing table, chest of drawers or dresser, and a comfortable chair. Other items to consider are diaper holders, toy boxes, baby monitors, mobiles, clothes hampers, night-lights, wastebaskets and clocks.

When shopping for baby bedding, look for 100% cotton products for comfort, durability and washability. Although it’s important for the bedding to fit in with the overall color scheme and theme of the nursery, the baby’s comfort is paramount. Younger babies spend a lot of time in the nursery because they sleep a lot. Think of baby bedding as a factor in your baby’s development.

The mattress, for example, should be firm but not hard, and should fit tightly into the crib so there’s no danger of the baby’s head or limbs getting wedged between the mattress and sides of the crib. Sheets should be tight-fitting, with fitted corners that hug the mattress’s corners. You might want to consider using some type of waterproof sheet protector, since diapers might leak overnight. The height of the mattress should be adjustable so you don’t have to reach a long distance to pick up a newborn baby. As the baby grows and begins move around, you can lower the mattress, so the crib bars will protect the baby.

Baby bedding can have a huge impact on your baby’s comfort and sleep cycle. Choose it carefully and with safety uppermost in your mind.