Designer Menswear for the Discriminating Dresser

Women have long known the value of designer wear. There is a distinction to lines and a classic style to a name brand garment that cannot be captured by off-the-rack designer copies. They have paid top dollar for famous designer labels because they know these clothes will wear well. Both the fabric and the style will stand the test of time. When their husbands gasped at the price of a designer label they were told, “But honey it’s a ___!” and husbands who did not understand the significance shrugged and let it go.

Recently these same men have discovered the comfort, perennial style and classic lines of designer menswear. Previous discussions with their wives about designer labels are now starting to make sense. For a man to look good in the boardroom, on the golf course, at a charity event or just socializing in the neighbourhood, nothing sets him above the rest like designer menswear. Whether the label is from the fashion runway of Paris, Rome, Montreal, New York or Milan, men can depend on designer menswear to give them a sophisticated man-about-town appearance.

Men who are wearing designer labels carry themselves differently. Whether at a pressure-filled public appearance or rubbing elbows with their superiors at work, men wearing designer labels have a quiet confidence. Many have commented that they owe that new job or that big promotion to a specific name-brand designer suit.

One judge laughingly commented that whenever he had to try a highly publicized case he wore his designer shoes. “The TV cameras do not catch then behind my bench,” he said, “but just knowing I have them on makes me feel more confident about my ruling. Wearing them, I sound more scholarly!”

Does this sound far-fetched? Try wearing designer menswear to your next interview or highly-publicized event and see if you do not feel better about your appearance!

What sets a designer garment above the rest? One now-successful fashion designer told an interviewer that when he was a design student at college he had found a hand-made men’s suit jacket at a consignment shop. He bought it and literally took it apart stitch by stitch to see what all the fuss was about. He noted that inside the jacket lining was a plethora of perfect hems, padding and design reinforcement that made the design classic and the fit perfect. “It was then that I discovered my destiny,” he commented. Today this young man’s designs command public recognition and top fashion dollar.