Designing Your Dessert Bar With Class

Whatever party it is that you are organizing-wedding reception for your beloved best friend, your cousin’s 30th birthday bash, or your baby’s baptism-you surely want to create a dashing dessert bar that will be the talk of the town for a long time. Desserts have a way of getting into people’s sweet tooth and since you, yourself, are such a great fan of these delectable sweet treats, you know you should do your best to create a dessert bar with class. Of course, you also know that taste is not just the only thing that matters. Presentation is just as important. Here, you will find out wonderful tips on how to design a beautiful dessert bar.

Gather everything you need

For the dessert bar, you will need a long rectangular table, plain table cloth, coordinating set of serveware and platters, decorations, and of course the specialty desserts. The reason you need a plain table cloth is to enable the desserts to stand out. Desserts are already colorful so it would be best to have a white table cloth for this purpose. Coordinating sets of platters are necessary to give the bar a cohesive look. Now, if you are planning to create the specialty desserts on your own, it is a must to invest on high quality baking equipment including cream dispenser and whipped cream dispenser so you can create the best kinds of desserts.

Pick a theme

Before you get started with the decoration, you need to create a theme that will complement the overall theme of the party or occasion. For example, if it were going to be a nautical theme party, you can go for a tropical bar filled with tropical fruits like pineapples, kiwis, papaya, and so on.

Color coordinate

It is important to coordinate the colors on the bar so that it would not look like a Christmas tree. Pick colors that complement each other so you don’t have to endure having colors clash with each other. You don’t have to be necessarily boring and pick just one or two colors. You can explore different shades and tones as long as they complement each other. Check the color wheel for this purpose so you can pick shades effectively.

Create a focal point

Your dessert bar should have a centerpiece. Just like any other centerpiece, it should be one that fits and blends well with the overall presentation of the bar. Remember, the centerpiece will be the focal point of the dessert bar so you need to invest a good amount of time and energy into planning for one that will give justice your dessert bar. Some great ideas include a large chocolate fountain, a clear vase filled with fruits, an ice sculpture, and a sculpture water fountain.

Pick eye-catchy desserts

Last but definitely not the least, you should pick eye-catchy desserts to put in your dessert bar. Apart from the centerpiece, these items will be the main decorative item that will make the bar look decadent and luscious.

Enjoy creating the dessert bar for your party!