Maternity Clothes FAQ

Mommies to be shouldn’t have to be concerned about anything but the welfare of their child and themselves. And that is why we have this article which answers some of the most frequently asked questions about maternity clothes. Hopefully after this all you have to do is pick up your shopping bag and head to the nearest maternity store or even better is order online for the maternity clothes of your choice.

Some FAQs about Maternity Clothing

Qs.1 How should I choose my size?

Ans: It is a popular belief that when you become pregnant your size changes drastically, but that is not true. Yes the size does change but very little. Most women wear the same size as their normal clothes. Having said that, most pregnant women put on weight on their thighs, breasts, bottom and the stomach (obviously). Maternity clothes are cut in the same manner as normal clothes the difference being that it is cut with a different belly. Your breast size will increase considerably so you may have to go a size or two up finding the need for maternity bras.

Qs.2 What style of waist band is the most comfortable?

Ans: Until recently you could buy only a tummy panel which had an elastic waist with a big rib pouch, but things have changed today for the new mommies to be. Today you can get a scoop under belly, under belly V, flat front and fold over. Many prefer the underbelly design though many still like the over belly design.

In the initial stages of pregnancy an under belly design is better as you don’t need to be showing to wear them. This makes it easy to reuse the clothes even after the delivery as it is sometimes unlikely that you will fit into your old clothes immediately after the birth. The V belly can get a little uncomfortable in the later days of the pregnancy especially if you are sitting for long periods of time.

Qs.3 How do I measure small, medium, large and extra large?

Ans: This changes from brand to brand and from style to style but in general they are:




Extra Large=14/16

Qs.4 Do I need maternity clothes?

Ans: Yes you do. You will need new maternity clothes when you no longer fit into your own clothes. There are a few things you should keep in mind while buying maternity clothes though:

– The seasons in Queensland can be a bit tricky. The winter does not arrive till May but the clothes are stocked since February and summer stock does not come till August so it is best if you plan accordingly so that you don’t miss out on any clothing you will require.

– Try on the clothes your self even though it means making a trip to the store. You can buy maternity wear and keep even before you need it as the clothes are stitched in such a way that it is easy to wear both before and after pregnancy (or you don’t even have to be pregnant to wear it)

Qs.5 When is the best time to buy my maternity bra?

Ans: You will need to buy the maternity bra any time from 5 months. It is possible that you may not fit into your own bra from the 3rd month itself, so it is advisable that you wear a soft cup bra like a sports bra. It is then after this in the 5-6 month that you will have to be fitted for your Maternity Bra.

Some ladies even need to wear the bra to bed as they could face soreness or leaking as they advance towards the later stages of pregnancy. After the birth you will need to wear the bra to keep the breast pads in place.

Qs. 6 Won’t larger sizes in normal clothing do?

Ans: You may end up using the non maternity clothing for quite some time, but they won’t be of any use through the complete pregnancy and you will have to purchase maternity clothing. This is why it is advisable not to spend too much in the initial stages or in the last as you must pay attention to how long will you actually be wearing that item of clothing.