Three Hot Bags You Can Take to the Beach

The beach, you ask, with a raised eyebrow … why does one need a bag for the beach?

Bikini season is fast approaching, and you cannot have forgotten about the all-important beach bag just because you have yet to get your summer clothes out of storage.

The first and most critical bag to have for this season is the tote. Can you imagine a trip to the beach without that essential carry-all? In many cases, totes are going to be different for everyone depending on the style of the girl and the stage of their life when they make the trek to the beach.

For some women, it will be a weather and sand resistant bag that is large enough to hold numerous children’s items as well as her own. For others, it will be slim and sleek and it will accompany a gauzy dress or wrap over a classic swimsuit worn with large dark shades. For the last set – and the youngest – it will be a casual, fun and flirtatious bag to carry everything the girl can possibly need from sunrise to sunset and beyond. Let’s explore all three of these scenarios and discuss a few options!

For the woman with a child, simply getting to the beach is enough of a project. Certainly the bag she carries is critical because it can really help her get there more smoothly. There are many attractive yet functional totes that you can choose from, so don’t despair if you fall into this category and think that stylish beach-going no longer applies to you! It does, and all you need to do is take a close look at the combination tote/diaper bags that are being made these days.

For instance, take a look at the Sally Spicer Large Tote/Diaper combination. It is made of polyvinyl with a waterproof bottom so it is perfect for a trip to the beach. It has web handles, sturdy seaming, and is a great bag to have roughed-up while it remains perfectly stylish! This particular bag is very easy on the purse, costing about $80.00. Perhaps the best feature is that it comes in twenty different styles and design patterns to choose from! The Chocolate Posie is a dark brown beauty with blues and tans in flowered accents, while other selections include Dragonfly Jade or Guava Stripe. All of the Sally Spicer designs are trendy and beautiful, and will all host an amazing array of kiddie toys and diapers with equal ease.

If you are a more sophisticated, less child-bearing, jet-setting type that is heading to the beach, you will not need such a tote. On the other hand, you might prefer to be seen with a bag more sleek and chic. For you, style is supreme and functionality plays little part in what you choose to wear to accompany your already-chic beach look. Whether you are donning a dress, a sarong, or just a suit and cover-up with dramatic eyewear, you are sure to need an appropriate bag to go with the outfit. Some prefer rattan or straw, while others lean toward canvas. Clearly, leather is not an option as far as beach material is concerned. Look for something with a neat, clean and tight weave, and err on the side of simplicity. You will want a bag that can easily be worn with a number of different swimsuits, styles, shades and colors. A natural brown canvas or cream works best here!

If you are the youngest of sand and surf lovers, the options are limitless! Your youth and spirit can be conveyed with a variety of different tote bags for the beach. Luckily, you have options that not everyone has and you can pull off a denim slouch bag, a louder, more fun plastic or vinyl tote, or a pretty canvas bag. If you opt for denim, just be sure it is a sturdy sort, and keep it trendy with a large over-the-shoulder strap and buckle. A dark wash is best, as it is sure to fade over time. No patches or pockets should be involved, as this denim, unlike your favorite pair of jeans, is best kept simple.

For a floral or geometric print vinyl, you can go crazy! These bags should be paired with simple swimsuits, preferably black or white, and if so paired the bag can be as crazy and hot as you wish! Look for great big floral prints in bright pinks and purples, or geometric patterns in limes, blues and oranges. Of course, a simple canvas bag will always work and will be the best choice for playing it safe. However, when you are young and carefree, why shoulder that type of bag? You have plenty of time for that later in life. Have fun with your bag and with your time in the sun!